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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

100 BHP Twizy Upgrade

This looks like it’s going to be a wild ride upgrade


SUbscribed and going to watch this one with interest!

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It sure will!!! It’s my Twizy :slight_smile:


Are you planning on getting it approved for road use or is it just for fun? Or are you allowed to tune it as much as you want and use it on the roads? What about brakes? Are you upgrading them as well?

Hi There, this will be approved for road use. Chris from ZERO does some pretty special things with cars. This is an EV so is modified and needs to simply be MOT’d and insured as a modified vehicle.

We plan to put some other fun bits and pieces on it, too. I won’t say too much as the youtube vids will detail the build.

Honestly, the type 2 charger has probably been the best thing I have fitted to my cars. I have a couple of Twizy’s. We planned to put Tesla batteries in the cars, but the cost is high if Renault don’t drop the battery lease. I managed to buy cars without a lease, hence why I can play around with them!


Great to hear. I have two as well with battery and no lease. Bought to play with, but may sell one of them.

Would love to do a conversion like this, so looking forward to see more.

What did it take to fit the type 2 charging cable?

I guess future episodes will include info about brakes as the standard are pretty shitty from new.

I’m also playing with the idea of making my own carbon fiber rims :slight_smile:

Carbon Fibre Rims!! I will be very keen to heaar how that goes!

The Type 2 was pretty simple, it replaces the 13amp but uses all the same charging tech. The bits are readily av available and its a case of wiring the 2 pins used from the type 2 into the charging circuit aand making a neat plate to hold the charger in the hole in the front. Mine is mounted on perspex. I’ll put some pictures up online to show.

I have a 7kw charger at home and it works with Source London type commercial charge points. I wouldnt hook it to a Super Charger - it will melt :smile:

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All sounds pretty tidy. I’m sure I’ve seen a picture of a twizy with type 2 in the front.
It does however charge st the same tragically slow rate as a 13amp 3 pin as standard if I read the above correctly.

Sadly yes! But when I use it for work I can park it up on a source London station donuts not an issue for me. The 100hp will have a more powerful/quicker charger to go with the VW battery.

I think type 2 plug was standard in Denmark, both of mine are imports from Sweden so standard Schuko plug. Is it as easy as take the Schuko plug off and use the same standard wire just with a type 2? I have a 22kW (3x32A) charger at home, which will scale down to snail pace if the Twizy was hooked up.

Will keep you informed about the Carbon rims. But it is a winter project as a lot of summer projects have priority right now. I’m properly gonna do a lot of carbon work this winter as the kids have their eyes on efoils :slight_smile:

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I know about a few too many projects, but carbon sounds awesome.

Keep in touch. N

Can’t wait to see some of the carbon parts.

Wheel mod :blush: http://www.daswolfgang.com/twizy-wheel-mod/

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Morning guys. The next Twizy video goes on YouTube tonight! Due to lockdown I’m not sure what’s on tonight’s instalment… very exciting.

All the bits are needed for testing, so once we have the correct configuration I will know what’s first sale.

Mark at Sarah Cox Cars seems a good person to talk to about Twizys. He can get batteries and as an OG Twizy owner - he has run one as his personal vehicle from new 2012 - he knows the breed.


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The next instalment

Very informative, but a little short :slight_smile:

Apparently 13 minutes is be golden number as it allows a mid-roll advert. Increases revenue.
Just looked it up and apparently it’s 10 minutes…