10K miles

10K miles in a normal car is no big deal, but for me and my Twizy, it’s a milestone.
Bought in the spring of 2013 as a 12 reg ex demonstrator with 1600 miles on the clock. Battery rental was originally 3 years 4K miles/yr at £45/month but earlier this year I got RCI to change it to 3K miles/yr at £35/month.
I use my Twizy virtually every day, all year round, without windows, although I have the Renault windows. I find it far nicer without. In the winter months I just get nicely wrapped up.
I have been lucky, my Twizy has been good. It has given me no trouble except for 2 things.

  1. premature wear of the front tyres. Tracking was way out. Changed at 7K miles
  2. offside door stopped auto lift. Dealer replaced springs on both doors, under warranty.
    At the moment there is nothing on the market that I want to replace my Twizy with, except maybe the Cargo version. But that will be change for change sake. The only other one that has tempted me is the Toyota i-Road. But it is not available, yet.
    I notice quite a few of you have clocked way over the 10K miles. So who has got the highest mileage Twizy on the forum? To all, what’s your mileage? Is your Twizy replaceable? With what?

I just clocked up 12000 last night, thought I had a photo, but I did it on snap chat to my son,
He is getting fed up with travelling to work in the car everyday now it’s cold, but I still love it :smiley:
To make matters worse I have ordered another open car, so there is no let up for him :+1:
My Twizy has been great, but not faultless ( never had a car that has been) 1 charger unit & 1 throttle pedal. 2 rear tyres & pads all round .

Mine is currently at approx. 13,600 :smile:
It’s had the brake pads replaced at 12000 and the rear tyres will need changing in the next month or so