12V battery problem

I left my Twizy in the garage over the winter and I found although the drive battery was fine when I woke the car in the spring, the 12V battery was dead.

After a full charge It appeared ok and I took the car round the block. Stating was fine.

When I came to drive it again (2 days later) again it wouldn’t start due no power in the 12V battery so I charged it again.

Is my 12V battery broken?

The car has only done 400 miles since new.

I had a very similar issue, went into Renault under warranty and they changed it. No problems since then.

From what I read, I think once the 12v goes wrong, there is little which can be done to fix it, so a replacement is the best option

How far did you drive it the first time you did? The 12V battery is seemingly only charged while the ignition is on, and even then it’s a fairly weak charge.

[ I’m not entirely sure it makes a difference, but when it happens to me I re-charge the Twizy with the ignition “on”].

If there is something else draining the battery, in my case it always turns out to be the insidious hazard warning lights. They don’t always work anyway, because the switch is not particularly weatherproof, but that doesn’t seem to stop them draining the battery if the switch is left in the “on” position, where it will stand slightly proud of the fascia.

Thanks for the replies. I only drove it about 1-2 miles.

I’ve just done a 5-6 mile drive today. I’ll see how it starts in couple of days and failing that I’ll take to to a dealer.

You could, charge the 12V battery up with a normal battery charger and see how it is afterwards.

Given that a normal 12V battery needs hours to charge from 50%SOC it will take over a day from flat if the charger will do it. Some charges cannot recover battery’s from a very low State of Charge (SOC). 7 miles driving is not long enough for the battery to recover.

12V batteries will never fully recover from being deeply discharged.

There is more to parking a Twizy up for the winter than one thinks. The manual does explain a bit about removing fuses, but doesn’t cover looking after the 12V during the cold winter nights. The traction battery should be store with about 60% capacity and never for weeks at over 80% or below 20%.

Very correct!!!
And after 3-4 fully discharges… You can trash it before it dies on you one good morning without any warning;)

What is best to do in the winter if the Twizy isn’t driven for 5 months?

Drive it. Why would you not as you are paying for the battery and insurance.

Or connect the 12V battery to a trickle charger like classic car bods do. Also leave the traction battery at about 60% charged and remove the fuse in the left hand fuse box.

Thank you. I think next winter I’ll drive it weekly

Still buggered. It drains after 2-3 days. Will get a warranty exchange from Renault.

There are two things that come to mind:-
Do you have anything plugged in like ovms? These will flatten the battery
If your battery has gone flat a couple of times it will never be as good or last longer than a few days.

Don’t understand your reply. Think the text has formatted incorrectly.

Renault can’t look at the battery for a couple of weeks.

Any idea how much a battery will cost from a non-Renault dealer and are they problematic to get?

you can buy the battery online for just over 60 pounds plus delivery.

12V RLA 14aH 80A
do a google search for 244103090R

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A great help. Thank you.

Try here as well Ebay Not fitted but the same size and better spec than Renault one.

Thank you. Anybody tried one of these batteries and confirm they work?

Purchased the battery and fitted today. So far so good. Thanks for the help.

Which one did you get?

The one from eBay. Seller is fantastic.