12v Battery purchase

Exide Start Stop Auxiliary accu 12V 14Ah(20h) 150x100x100


RENAULT 24410-3090R

It even has an approval from renault! (accordng to a dutch battery supplier)
(costs 73 euro’s in the Netherlands)

Pete, have you fitted the battery to your Twizy yet, any problems?
That battery looks like a good solution!
My 2012 Twizy is still on its original battery and I have been thinking about replacing It before it leaves me stranded.
I was reluctant to pay Renault prices and I didn’t like the idea of drilling the terminals on the mobility battery.
Think I will give my local battery specialist a call this week :slight_smile:


Looks like a great solution - has chunky terminals unlike the generic batts.

Hi @Normsthename,

Yes battery fitted and no problems. The manufacturer is Exide (the OEM) and the spec. is as per the original. I was lucky as when I called my supplier they said that a Twizy owner had asked whether they could supply one, so they got two. As there are only two local Twizy owners, their gamble paid off.

Btw, thebatteryshop.co.uk will deliver, although this is not who supplied mine.

Thanks :slight_smile:
I have a local battery specialist so I will give them a call to see if they can order me one


Just ordered an exide battery on line as I noticed mine had done this.

Thanks for the heads up as to where to get a replacement.

I have just ordered from The Battery Shop - this one

They said it is the correct battery to replace the Renault Nissan battery pictured above and the Yuasa is incorrect.

I bought mine from them too. Great service !

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New battery from the The Battery Shop arrived and I fitted it easily. Worked a treat and Twizy starts fine now. Here are some photos. Looks like I had an original battery from 2012.

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The old one looks in good condition for a 6 year old Twizy battery.
While the new one look a lot smaller in size.

I think it’s the photo making it look smaller - i think it was the same size

Thank-you Alex, what was the price? Did it have correct terminals?

It was £49.99 see the link above. Terminals were identical with holes already, no drilling needed!

I also fitted that battery last week. They are the same size and shape and the holes are a perfect fit.
Interestingly by 6 year old original 12V battery was in perfect condition.

my Lucus 12V battery (second battery) has just expired , almost three years old and dropped a cell , cannot recharge due to the high resistance.

Brought this battery to replace it 30 pounds Tanya batteries online.

Bit more healthy than the old one :laughing:

Now we can play in the sun again.

I imagine you need to drill the terminals or make adapters (cannot see in the picture)?

yep made the two terminal adaptors three years ago :grin:

My Twizy still has its original battery and it’s over 7 years old now. Never had a problem with it so I’m not changing it until I do!

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