12v battery

Hello does anyone know if Halfords carry a 12v battery? http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/SearchCmdMobile?srch=yuasa&action=search&storeId=10001&catalogId=10151&langId=-1&mode=search I see they do Yuasa can anyone see the correct battery on there?

so I could pick one up today.

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I didn’t see one. Try a motorcycle place.

You posted this last year (I think it was you) http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/271267811100?_mwBanner=1 is it still the best?

Not sure as I haven’t yet replaced mine. Just watch the terminal connections as they vary. Some are spade connectors and some have bolt holes. So unless you are happy to make an adaptor or mod the Twizy then you need to get the connectors that match.

Basically you need a 12V battery that will fit in the space. Make and for that matter capacity don’t matter that much. You could even put a big car sized battery on the back seat and run wires round. :open_mouth:

The Twizy can be jump started to get you going.

Jump start! Ok. I’ll get the battery out and have a look.

None of the Twizy electrics work without a 12V supply so the Traction battery cannot be recharged and the DC-DC relays to charge the 12v battery from the traction battery do not cut in. If you ‘jump’ the 12V then it all comes to life and the DC to DC converters will run the electrics. Still needs a 12V battery. But a Twizy can be ‘jump’ started to get it going and charging.

Ok I left it for ages, I charged it up in normal way, it said 98 on the traction battery, It says go, but battery light is on, clock is reset… some time dash goes blank, I think it’s only got a time bit in the 12v… what about charging normal way but with ignition on? Does it feed the 12v then…? If not it’s out and possibly a new one.

The 12V battery needs to be charged else you get some strange lights. The issue is that although the dash will light up there may no be enough 12V power to trigger the relays and speed controller.

Check the 12V battery Voltage. Full will be around 12.7 volts and 50% 12.2v and empty will be 10.5v but the Twizy needs over 12V. Also needs to be able to supply that under load not at rest.
ie. checking a 12V outside the car may well say 12.5V but under load a cell may fail and the voltage drops by 2v.

How often has the 12V battery left to go ‘flat’ ? After a couple of times and especially if left flat for any length of time it will never recover enough to be usable. It should be replaced.

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The 12 volt battery has died and I already bought a new one. However, there’s not enough space to remove the old one. I suppose that’s not how it should be but the old battery has “exploded” so that the top is curved as shown here. Has anyone experienced anything like this? How can I remove the old battery?