12V losing capacity?

I use my 5 year old Twizy nearly daily. The 12V battery discarded over a weekend - the Renault garage left the faulty Hazard switch on. I managed to recharge the 12V by leaving the ignition on for a few hours which got Twizy moving again.
Now a week later when I put the headlights on I get STOP and SERV lights on - which if ignored cut the whole system and the car slowly died. I restarted and it worked ok again.

Is the 12V telling me its slowly dying? Do I get Renault to replace or is it a straightforward job?


Yes. My Twizy is the same age and I had the same problem recently.
All these had been discussed in thread called “12v battery purchase”. Look it up. Good luck

5 years for a small lead acid battery that is abused is not bad. However once a lead acid battery is discharged it will never be the same again. A couple of discharges and it is only good for scrap.

Ive just had my 5 year service and its part of the service that they replace the 12v battery as part of it.It’s an easy enough job to do yourself though and if you search there are plenty of tips on the site

Thats why there is a move to replace 12v lead acid with supercapacitors.
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