14 plate ex showroom bargin

hi from guildford surrey. Just put deposit on ex showroom twiz colour. intresting story though as there was a problem with the battery lease
Dealer told by renualt 10500 three year contract £64 pm. I showed them the ‘live’ renualt web site quoteing £45 pm.
long story short they agreed with me the price was wrong and gave me the differance over three years off the price of the car!!! £680. Thats good service id say. They are going to try and get it back from renault but didnt see why i should have to wait to enjoy my new twiz. Any other new buyers had this problem? Cant wait to pick it up. Im calling it ‘jaffa’.

Welcome!! Congrats on joining the Twizy family. We are an exclusive lot, you know!!
I think the confusion with your rental is whether it’s 10500 miles over 3 years or 10500 miles per year. The former will be £45 p/m and the latter will be £64 p/m. Have you actually signed the contract with Renault RCI for £64 p/m. If so I have a suggestion and you will win both ways. Contact RCI yourself and say you want to change the monthly rental to £45 for 4K miles p/y. You can do that. I have just changed mine. That has nothing to do with the dealer and they don’t have to know. I think this story about getting the difference from Renault is a spin. The contract is between you and Renault RCI, nothing whatsoever to do with the dealer. You have got £680 discount from them and that can go towards paying for the rental. A win win situation.


Askho Has spotted a good win. Take the discount and reduce monthly fee with RCI.

Sounds under hand and decitefull! I love it.

No no. There is nothing under hand about it. You are well within your rights to change the annual mileage contract with Renault RCI. There was obviously a misunderstanding by the dealer about your annual mileage and it was very decent of them to offer you the discount. If they had known any better they could have rectified the situation with Renault RCI. Having said that you will find sometimes members on the forum know more than the dealer themselves, or at least some of the staff!!