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£150 Service Cost?

My Twizy is about a year old, so I rang Renault Leicester this afternoon to see when my Twizy should have its first service.
After a bit of waiting because they had to check they said it would cost £149.95…
When I questioned that it should be free for 4 years they said that they didn’t know.
So I said that I would ring Renault direct and ask them about the free servicing.
Anyone else had to pay?


I had my first service done about a couple of months ago. It was free, included in the 4 year deal. The thing that surprised me was the dealer said the next service will be in 2 years time. I am going to ignore that and get it serviced after another year, since it is free again.

I got a text from Renault saying my twizy need its first service. I didn’t know if it was chargeable or not, so I had an online chat with a chap at Renault. This is what he said.

There are A and B services. An A service is £155, a B service is £125. Year one has an A service, year 2 a B service, year 3 an A, year 4 a B service.

He explicitly stated that they were included in the 4 years warranty, going so far as to ask if I’d been charged, and if so he’d look into it as I shouldn’t.

I hope this helps, if you’ve been charged, get on to Renault


Finally got around to calling Renault UK about the Servicing Cost.
Rang the PR Complaints Number because it sounded the most suitable! :slight_smile:
The guy was very helpful but didn’t know about the free servicing…
Anyway he rang back a few minutes and said that it was indeed free servicing for the Twizy.
He also had the Leicester Renault Service guy waiting on the phone for me and I have now booked the Twizy in for its service :smiley:
So my first dealing with Renault was actually quite good…Hope it continues…
Fingers crossed that the brakes are OK when they give it the once over, my Twizy now has 3800 Miles on the clock…


Andy, Have you noticed any drop in range from your battery?

Andy, Have you noticed any drop in range from your battery?

Not noticed any drop yet…
Possibly even better now than when I first got the car.
I now know how the gauge estimator works and I also know better how to get the maximum range out of the car :smiley:


With 4k under your belt I would have thought you might have noticed a slight deterioration in the max range - but I agree you can become adept at driving an EV and I notice I even subconsciously route based on the expected height contours!

There’s more variation, in our experience, due to temperature, conditions, and driving style. Renault potentially lose out on a battery that is down a quarter after 4 years of 4500 miles per annum. If we knew the statistics on Lithium Battery pack degradation, we could work out what the likely average loss is after one year/4500 miles. Presumably the different rental amounts for different numbers of miles offer a basis for calculating what the probability is.

Twizy finally had its service today and it was free :smiley:
According to the service sheet the brakes are in good order with 3955 Miles on the clock.
Front & Rear Discs were measured at 5mm, Pads were 8mm so loads of life left in them.
Car even had a Valet :smiley:


That sounds more normal to me. Don’t really get it how some people wear their rear discs out in less than 5K miles. As I said before I just can’t see any decent component manufacturer making discs that last just 5K miles.

Mine is in for service whilst being repaired, no idea what the fault is with it yet, I get a different suggestion every time I call .