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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

£1500 off a brand new Twizy

At Motorpoint they’ve got one with delivery miles for £5499, including doors:

No mention of the battery hire agreement, I wonder if you could get away without paying it!


There will be some fees to pay on top of ad price, knowing Motorpoint, such as an admin fee etc, not a bad deal but this (doorless) 62 Technic with 250 miles from a Renault Leicester main dealer may be better:


You’ll still have to have a battery, so the hire will apply…

Ours came from Motorpoint, they were reading the “remaining millage to charge” rather than the “actual millage”. So our car apparently had 43 miles “on the clock” it was actually 260miles. Then there was a £99 charge to have it delivered between their offices so we could see it (we waited 3 weeks for that) and £105 or something PDI, but it hadn’t even been cleaned so eventually I knocked a bunch of money off it. :slight_smile:

Can’t really go wrong with a 2nd hand Twizy cause of the 4 year manufacturers warranty, just check it’s had it’s recalls done.

You might want to check with a plug in household energy meter or a multimeter that your home electrical voltage doesn’t wander over 248volts as it won’t charge over that and Renault haven’t done a fix on that yet.

Can I ask what you mean by ‘its recalls done’?

Brake pipe leak and dragging caliper check, throttle pedal sticking “check”

What symptoms would a dragging caliper cause?

I’ve had an annoying scraping noise on my Twizy, assumed it was my brakes. Had the pads replaced by Renault as they said they were worn but still have the scraping noise. Any ideas?

It’s probably just a little rust or some grit stuck in the pads, but could be a lazy caliper; it was an OTS item for inspection by Renault