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1850 miles in a Twizy and going strong - update on ownership experience

I guess mine was one of the earliest delivered in May and I have been using it as a daily commuter and covered 1800 miles. I thought you guys might like an update on my experiences so far.

Plug and Power

I had two Rolec wallpods fitted, one at home and one at the office. The catch is that it is pretty much impossible to plug the regular Twizy plug into any normal charging point. I use a small extention cable at home and have another one in the office but it is not an elegant solution. Renault have been helpful and I have been in discussion with the Twizy product manager and all I can say is that they are at the CAD stage for the design of a new plug and are sending the CAD drawings to charger manufacturers for comment and approval on a “twice burned” policy which makes sense but despite good customer service from Renault, I dont think I will have a solution for my own car for a few more months.

Twizy cover

I ordered and paid for a waterproof cover when I bought the car. Renault supplied an internal only cover which was not any use to me at all. I gave it back to them and waited for 5 months for a promised waterproof cover to emerge. Finally, I now understand that the promised cover will not be appearing in the forseeable future due to production/manuracturing issues and as compensation Renault have ordered me the new Twizy windows!! for delivery in November! but in fairness to Renault they are supplying them for the same price as I had already paid for the cover, which is about half the regular cost of the Window.


The battery capacity to me seems about the same as new after 18 months and I have not noticed any practical problems with driving more of the time with headlights and wipers or the colder temperatures.


This is my biggest irritant as i do not like wiping bucket loads of water off the inside of the screen and roof each morning. I guess there is not much that can be done about this. A word of warning on the type of tax disk holder you choose, avoid the magnetic semi paper ones as they get very soggy with the condensation.

Enjoyment of Ownership

This is still sky high and I enjoy every single journey to work in the Twizy. My Jaguar XJR has stayed in the driveway more as planned and this is all good. I love it to bits but it will help the life of the Jag and depreciation driving it a little less. I love that the Twizy is the star and so many people are so curious about it. Mothers try to explain it to their children… (I guess they say it is like a grown up little tykes bubble car) and hardened builders say they love it trendy young people say they love it and I like showing it off to them.


True it does need a whole parking bay. True it cant be parked side on without being in breach of regulations… but I have discovered some pluses. It can be parked on the pavement where there is a possibility of parking inside a building line. Many properties have 4-5 feet of space by the building and before the official pavement begins. This is ideal short term Twizy parking and I have used this many times to avoid street parking and payment.

Storage bins

I have discovered to my cost that the storage bins in the Twizy are very inadequately protected internally and Renault need to redesign here. I put my iPAD in its case in the rear locked storage bin and the jiggling over bumps knocked the iPAD so hard the screen broke. The good news is that indurance replaced it with a 64Gb/3G iPAD 3 but the bad news it i am £400 poorer for the experience. The bin needs some better foam protection at the bottom to stop this happening.

So thats my experience with the first 1800 miles of ownership and I hope for as much enjoyment out of the next 1800 miles.


The battery capacity to me seems about the same as new after 18 months and I have not noticed any practical problems with driving more of the time with headlights and wipers or the colder temperatures.

You must have had a preproduction model, how does it look like?

Thank you for sharing your experiences so far. Very interesting.

I’ve been waiting for mine to be built since May and hope to get it by the end of this month. I just wondered how you are getting on with the seats and whether you have felt the need to consider any form of additional cushion ?

I would also be interested in whether anyone else has decided to pad the base of the seat in some way and what they used ?

No-seat is great and very well shaped, just avoid major bumps by driving well. If you cushion or adapt it, it will get wet through and will be a general nuisance.
I give the driver seat full marks for design.

Why have you waited from May to Sept for a Twizy? Special order?? Last month I was offered four locally (only from dealers within 100 miles) on pre-order for delivery within weeks and had a choice of model and colours.

Been waiting for the Skyroof. Blooming long wait. Just in time for Winter now!

I was too impatient, so I will retro fit one if/when it is available, or just order the parts and get Autoglass to fit it. I understand someone is doing it already in Germany.

Still, it will help resale when the time comes!

Great write up :), I love using mine every day, and have loaded 750 miles onto the odometer, mostly going to work. I run around occasionally in the day, and went to a couple of broken down Peugeot’s on Friday, so it’s earning it’s living as well.
I also commented on the condensation, and am considering parking it alongside my motorbike, which is more undercover, and will reduce the damp considerably I hope.

I find the seats pretty comfortable unless I go over a large bump, but then again I guess nothing would be that comfortable going over a large bump.

My Twizy is not a pre-production model, it was one of the first 4 on the road in the UK in the hands of end users. Actually I have not seen another Twizy on the road in my 1800 miles of driving. Still hoping to bump into another one ))

To add a couple of points to my first post ))

Cost of Ownership

My wife pays for the electric bill in our house and has not yet charged me for any so cost of home charging is 0. At work the company pays for the electric and has not charged me so the cost of charging has been 0. Combined with no repairs, no servicing costs, free road tax, free parking (apart from about £2) my Twizy has been a paradigm of parsimonious puritanical virtue and a cost effective delight. Did I mention that the battery lease is paid for by the company too so no cost there either or that the benefit in kind company car tax is 0?


I love listening to the radio in the car and this has been a problem in the Twizy. The Parrot really needs a built in DAB radio. I havent found a good answer yet, I bought a Pure portable DAB but the headphone supplied acts as a DAB ariel and when you plug it into the Parrot lead there is not enough signal to listen. The Pure does not have bluetooth so no joy there either. My blackberry has all you can eat data but the radio app only works over WIFI and not over the Blackberry BIS connection. The best solution I have found is an iPAD radio app over 3G but it is used very sparingly to avoid horendous data charges as I have a 1Gb per month connection on 3.

If anyone has a better radio solution I would be glad to hear about it.

Fit (in a dust/waterproof box) a DAB radio with AUX input in the rear storage area with a remote in the cabin and use the speaker cubbies in the roof. Fit an aerial (and signal amplifier for DAB???) somewhere?

A decent audio tech would know what to do-they managed to get a totally concealed sound system with 6 speakers and a remote controlled flat bass woofer in my old 2cv!

Just a thought!

The one major thing that a few of you have complained about which has not happened to me yet is the condensation problem.

Even on those colder mornings I’m not experiencing anything like what you’re describing. Sure there is sometimes a slight misting like with any car but a quick switch of the heated windscreen and its gone within a minute. It’s never been soaking wet.

Could this be because of where we live perhaps? Could altitude play a role? Or is the air drier down south? lol.

Is the windscreen coated with anti-condensation chemicals that you’ve somehow rubbed off when cleaning it?

I used Rain-X anti fog, but the outside conditions totally overwhelm it, so I simply wipe the inside of the screen down with a dry tea-towel and turn the heated screen on while still plugged in, get myself sorted, unplug and drive off. Easy.

I just find it strange that I don’t have this problem yet so many of you do. Whereabouts does everyone live who experiences this problem? Does anybody in the London area suffer this problem?

Having to wipe down your windscreen with a tea towel each morning is a bit ridiculous!

We’re in a rural area surrounded by fields and get a greater temperature difference between day and night.
This morning, I used the towel, ran the heated screen for five minutes until bone dry, but my wife took an extra five minutes to get ready to go to work and in the five minutes I left it after clearing it, it was wet again and needed drying off and the heated screen on again!

The air must be drier in the city, I guess.

My screen is running with condensation in the morning, it is a real problem. will take a picture and post it up .