1st week as a twizy owner

well when i 1st got it i was convinced i needed to sell as no doors so cant add the windows.

now i just dont care, what I mean is when i was 21 I passed my direct access and got a whole lot of bikes as I never really liked any car so the twizy reminds me of the cold on my face the noise of outside of being hat age again

not only that I passed my car test just to get a Smart Roadster, people had not a clue what it was and always got attention and smiles but the twizy does the same as that only so much better

the wee lass I have loves the car and wants me to take her to the school all the time in it which is always good and never complains of being cold.

I can only think summer must be amazing but since I have one motorbike (big scooter) to sell that shall be me done with them for a long time… oh twizy where have you been all my life!!!

they do make you smile

I am glad to hear the little one has adapted and can tolerate the cold in the backseat of the Twizy.
Summer is going to be GREAT, I can assure you. Something to look forward to, though it’s long way away.