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2012 Q3 Vehicle Registrations

The figures on vehicle registrations up to q3 2012 (end of September) are published today here.

It’s rather a big table, and lists the number of cars of every make and model registered at the end of each quarter.

The figures for the electric vehicles I know of are:

Generic Model 2012 q1 q2 q3
NISSAN LEAF 831 962 1027
Reva G-WIZ 603 588 576
PEUGEOT ION 125 153 215
AIXAM MEGA 138 128 123

The Peugeot, Mitsubishi and Citroen are “badged” versions of the same car, as (I think) are the Vauxhall Ampera and the Chevrolet Volt. The Twizy is now the 4th most common plug-in production EV in the UK. The figures, BTW, are cumulative. 12 G-Wiz cars were scrapped in Q3.

Interesting figures.

Good to see what is increasing sales and what is falling back.
I wonder if the G-Wiz cars scrapped were accident, flood etc damaged and the scrap value outweighed the car value?

The Fluence isn’t doing too well :expressionless:
Q1: 42
Q2: 55
Q3: 60[/FONT]

The Twizy wont do well in the next Q, who would buy one in this weather :frowning:

That is why I reckon it is a good time to haggle on the ex-demos. My negotiation revolved around the demo being sat there until March and selling for the same price then as I offered then, in September! They seem expensive still, but there must be deals to be had. If not now, in January?

Hi Folks
Just joined hello to everyone and yes I am mad just ordered twizy and getting it next week !!
im used to a bike so this will be pure comfort :slight_smile:

Cool to see these figures. Now explain this, ive seen 3 amperas in the wild, saw my first volt in the wild today and yet no twizys in the wild, except james but that dont count.

Sad to see about the imeiv its not a bad car just a bit expensive considering the alternatives.

Dont bank on it, the Twizy is cold sometimes, but welcome along

I can have a go. You would be unlikely to see a Twizy more than about 50 miles from where it lived, but an Ampera can manage indefinite distances. Haven’t seen a single Ampera round here, mind, although the place is absolutely heaving with Twizzies (8 of them within 20 miles of me). :smiley:

There are two other Twizy’s in this area… Scarey"s Lime in Basildon and another one (black technic I think - bought very early on) in Eastwood, a suburb of Southend and Leigh on Sea with a TWIZY plate similar to James’ but he isn’t on the forum - works for a company called Hometec I think… One of his employee’s is a neighbour and keeps asking me about mine.

We got to -5 on Tuesday morning and I had full thermals, two pairs of socks (one pair thermal), my suit, gillet, long wool coat, two pairs of gloves and a hat - survived but hands and feet were blocks of ice!

Hi folks can anyone explain does the separate 12v battery run lights etc ?? So battery power is not drained more from night running etc ? If so don’t understand the threads ref LED Lights . Save power ? Cheers mark

Its a tiny 12v leisure battery of the size you get on a motorbike, that run lights, wiper, instrument panel, air bag sensor, imobiliser, the 12v socket, heated screen e.t.c. It sits in the nose behind the number plate. I don’t anticipate the capacity to be huge, so if it runs down, it takes energy from the traction battery… Hence some consider the LED to consume less current - this is the big killer of voltage capacity. It puts off the point at which you loose miles due to having all of your accessories on. The heated front screen will consume a big dollop of energy which is why the manual says it is on for 10secs!

Thanks Roger very well explained . Looking forward to getting twizy next week just in time for Christmas :slight_smile:

My heated front screen seems to stay on until you switch it off. Does that seem right?

The Twizy wont do well in the next Q, who would buy one in this weather

There are people ‘Mad’ enough!
When I went for my Testdrive today there was a top of the range Twizy waiting in the showroom ready for the new owner to collect tomorrow :slight_smile:


Mine seems to stay on for auto turn off in about 10mins, not the 10secs it says in the manual! I turn mine off manually too

And here are the final figures for 2012:

[TABLE=“width: 384”]
[TD]Generic Model[/TD]
[TD]2012 q1[/TD]
[TD]2012 q2[/TD]
[TD]2012 q3[/TD]
[TD]2012 q4[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]831[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]962[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]1027[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]1299[/TD]
[TD]Reva G-WIZ[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]603[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]588[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]576[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]577[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]24[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]230[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]355[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]451[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]125[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]153[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]215[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]322[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]5[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]152[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]226[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]277[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]241[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]258[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]267[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]272[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]51[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]62[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]81[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]149[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]138[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]128[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]123[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]117[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]5[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]33[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]54[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]67[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]42[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]55[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]60[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]63[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]50[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]55[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]53[/TD]
[TD=“align: right”]52[/TD]

… which makes a little over 3600 EV’s of these types in total - though there could be quite a few other types I don’t know about.

Source: Table VEH0128, released today.

I bet the 1st quarter Twizy figures for 2013 will be very poor due to the cold weather :frowning:

There were 4042 battery electric vehicles (as distinct from hybrids) registered at the end of Q1 2013 according to the DVLA stats.

Generic Model 2012-1 2012-2 2012-3 2012-4 2013-1
NISSAN LEAF 831 962 1027 1299 1549
Reva G-WIZ 603 588 576 577 561
VAUXHALL AMPERA 24 230 355 451 533
PEUGEOT ION 125 153 215 322 337
RENAULT TWIZY 5 152 226 277 310
MITSUBISHI I-MIEV 241 258 267 272 267
CITROEN C-ZERO 51 62 81 149 172
AIXAM MEGA 138 128 123 117 112
CHEVROLET VOLT 5 33 54 67 78
RENAULT FLUENCE 42 55 60 63 59
TESLA ROADSTER 50 55 53 52 53

But there are still 18,000 MGB’s on the road, most of which also pay zero vehicle excise duty.! :slight_smile: