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2012 sales as of September

7,460, of which just 204 in the UK???

Very Interesting. 204 in the Uk allowing for the groups like Ecofunktravel that means nearly 50% of the owners are members here.

We are always slow with change in the UK. To sell in uk the first hurdle is to sell the idea to the dealership staff, if they don’t like a product there is zero chance they would try and sell it to Jo public…

I think Renault simply must display ALL dealership Twizys with doors AND the Renault windows fitted asap, thats bound to nab a few sales, if they don’t repeatedly have the accessory windows shown then people that would potentially be interested will just walk away…


I think that’s a valid point about the dealers themselves. From what I’ve picked up from everyone on here, the dealers are useless when it comes to the Twizy. They don’t know much, supply incorrect information, and probably aren’t interested in selling them as most dealers will be full of petrol heads no doubt.

I can agree with this, but worse still, no-one at ZE/head office has the answers either :o

When I went to the ZE roadshow, I was looking forward to seeing one with windows, as it happened, there wasnt even one with doors :slight_smile:
Big mistake I think, hence why my car was swamped by interested people

Yes, it is not rocket science, Renault-the UK needs demos with at least doors and preferably windows to make sense here :rolleyes:

I hope someone at Renault reads these forums :slight_smile:

They do! I have been in contact once with marketing people in the Germany Renault head office and they mentioned that Renault follow posts and publications in different forums to be up to date what’s going on in the Twizy community :idea: :wink:

252 Twizy’s sold in the uk in the 5 months since launch. Apparently outsold the Fluence by 4 to 1 according to Autocar this week.
Renault are disappointed in the ZE sales so far, and are pinning their hopes on the Zoe, due to be launched early next year.

Cant see why they would be disappointed , the Twizy is never going to sell in large no,s in the UK with our crappy weather. And Renault has stopped bringing the Laguna here due to poor sales, so,the Fluence is never going to sell here either.
I suspect the Zoe may be a lot more successful providing they make the purchasing simple .

And the dealers learn about them before trying to sell them. I hope they learnt from the Twizy, that they need to be up to speed quicker.

I suppose the Zoe will be easier for Renault staff as they have had a bit of knowledge from the Twizy and the Zoe is more mainstream. I guess if they give the staff Zoes as the demo car to take home, that they will learn a lot-if there is enough supply to allow this.

From what I understand it has a range of 130 miles (NEDC) which translates into approx 80-100 miles of normal use, has a top speed of 84mph and can do an 80% recharge in 30 minutes on a fast charge point. For most people, this would be adequate for a local or second car-or a full time car if there are enough fast charge points in their area.

At the £13,600 base price (plus £70pcm battery hire)-similar to a high spec Clio they should sell well, compared to the Twizy which is too unusual and compromised for most buyers.

I could sell them with my eyes shut as they would compare favourably with any car on the same budget, will have zero tax, low running costs and depreciation, plus the Zoe is stylish and has the important green credentials. Let’s see how Renault does!

I think they could sell more Twizy if the staff themselves were less cynical themselves. I have been in dealerships where staff themselves were mocking the product. They don’t seem to recognise the niche market that it fills. The staff still don’t seem to know much about the product even now and they embarrass themselves with their inability to answer questions about it. Some don’t even seem to know where it is built, presuming incorrectly that it is built in France.