2012 Twizy colour for sale - no battery lease. £4000 ono. Location: Derby

Reluctantly for sale is my Twizy colour. Sadly due to a new job I can no longer use the Twizy for commuting so it has to go!

It’s a great fun little car, and the PowerBox V2 makes the performance sprightly!

MOT until end July 2020
PowerBox V2
Recent tyres
Twiz Cover included
No battery lease - saving around £600 per year

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Located just south of Derby, J24 of the M1.

How did you get out of the battery lease?

I understand the owner before the one before me bought himself out of the lease

This is a great buy for anyone in the area, especially without the battery lease.

How many miles Ben?

Hi, sorry, should have said - 15,000 miles

Have you noticed any degradation of the battery? What sort of range are you getting from a full charge?
It is an immaculate looking twizy and very nice colourings.

It is in great condition, I’m really sad to see it go.

I haven’t noticed any battery degredation to be honest, the range shows around 45 miles after a full charge, although I live in a fairly rural area so I get a little bit less than that as I spend most time on the open road! If I was driving around town all day I’m sure I’d get the range that it claims

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Hi Ben

ive sent you a message , check your inbox


Hell ben
Is this Twizy still for sale

thanks Brian

I’ve had a couple of questions about the state of health of the battery - here are the readings from the PowerBox:

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Is this still for sale?

Hi Phil,

I have had some interest but yes, it is still for sale at the moment. PM me for more details if you like!


Hi Ben,

I can’t PM you for some reason, would you mind dropping me a message as I have a few queries about your Twizy please.



Sadly (for me!) my Twizy is now sold. :cry:

Are but it’s going to a good home Ben, hope I sleep tonight boys and there toys :wink: