2012 Twizy Colour Possibly for Sale (SOLD)

anyway a strange post, but sadly due to things out of my control i may not be able to keep the Twizy, though i am exploring other options.

so anyone with serious intrest let me no. i will give some details and am open to fair offers, as well as the buyer has to take the lease over.

so some details
2013 twizy colour
9300 miles with history
good condition
top end korean windows
stero put in the back
seat much more cumfy but i do have the orginal
drives well and battery is defintly healty
as said anyone with serious intrest get in touch,

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So whats your asking price?

hopeing to get about £4700. had a local guy showed intrest today, offered 4400 so i thought bugger it ok, another dreamer i think.

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to be honest a ffew have said 4500 is a rally good price for it

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Is there many free public charging points for the Twizy in the North East ?

sorry i dont know as i only charge at home.

i was going to sort a 3 pin to type 1 2 lead to use on most charging points. but tou cant use rapids. but would be able to use most others.

sadly its now sold, though i still have a part built adaptor lead. and a set of expensive windows for it.

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