2012 Twizy for sale with fault NOW SOLD

For Sale is my 2012 Renault Twizy Colour with doors (Battery Owned) for Spares or Repair
I am selling because it has developed a transmission noise.
I am no mechanic but suspect that it could be the differential gearbox???
The gearbox is also clunky but they all do that with miles on them.
The car still drives OK but you can hear the transmission noise while driving along.
I jacked up the car and couldn’t feel anything while spinning the wheels so I guess that rules out wheel bearings?
I changed the gearbox oil last week and the oil that came out was very clean with no metal particles except for slight swarf on the magnetic drain plug.
I have used the car almost every day for the last few years to commute to work and back.
I need the transport so I am selling to fund my new Fossil Fuel car. :frowning:
Car is the base Colour model with doors and it is fitted with Lockable windows.
I purchased the battery (Letter to prove) so there is no battery lease to pay.
It has a Parrot system fitted by myself many years ago.
Seat has the usual splits in them (See Photo)
It has the Original Charger fitted but it charges fine.
Brakes were recently serviced and the Car has a current MOT until Nov 2021
I am the 2nd owner having bought it with 351 miles on the clock from a Renault Dealer, it now has 31735 miles on the clock.
The car description sounds bad but I have tried to be as honest as possible.
A brand new gearbox can be bought for approx. 750 - 850 Euros on the Continent.
Once repaired it will make a great little car again or it could be the basis for a mad project car with a Motorbike Engine???
I have photos of the car that I can email to possible purchasers.

£2000 no Offers

Spares or Repair Sold as Seen

Car will go on Ebay if no offers


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Hi yes I’m interested, I’ll pm you. Cheers

Car now Sold