2012 Twizy Urban For Sale

Selling 2012 twizy urban. Hardly used 700 miles. Got doors and windows. NOTHING WRONG WITH IT JUST NEED DIFFERENT CAR. ANY OFFERS CONSIDERED.

@paramol it may help if you list your location and rough price you’re looking for, plus post any photos.

Im scrapping it. Ive had enough.Cant afford to pay all the costs. Dont use it and . going to b tied into another battery contract. Its shocki g.

DON’T do that !!!:sob:
Be patient. Someone will take it off your hands, for the right price.

I agree, price, location and pictures would be easy ways to help this sell. I might be interested myself, but there’s very little to go off.

700 miles only. Black with windows and doors. Battery deaf at mo. Neefs mo.t. Cant post photo but could send photo to a mobile. I lovef it but sadly tragedy struck. Nothing to do with car. My mother got dementia. Gave up my job to nurse her. She has now passed away. So u can im sure see why im so stressed. Also trying to empty a 13 room house!!! Waaaah!!

The battery isnt deaf its dead!

As I said in PM very interested, please send photos to my mobile number as given in my last message. Thank you.

Price and location please. Cash waiting.

£3000 ono Sunderland SR2 7SY

Just waiting for it to get lighter so u get decent photo.

It’s probably the 12V only. Traction battery should still be OK, anyway it’s RCI’s battery.
Charge the 12V or get a new one and hopefully it will go.

Cant get it to garage im bloody cursed!!!

No need to get it to a garage. I am sure there is a thread here that shows you how to get at the 12V battery. A bit of a hassle, I know.

I’ve sent a you a pm.