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2013 New Twizy Model announced

Renault have produced a ‘Van’ Version with a rear door. Not clear if there is still a rear seat for use when not carrying stuff.

Twizy Cargo

Says replaces rear seat, guess full time?

From the day I saw one, I posted that the best buyer for these would be the Post Office: let us hope Renault demonstrate and sell these effectively as these sales could be the difference between making it viable or it being an expensive disaster for Renault.

If deployed well, it could help sell passenger versions…

It’s good to see that there isn’t anything structural behind the passenger seat, which opens up other customisation possibilities. Taking out the back seat makes this less attractive for general use. We have found (as have others) that a really big flexible “trug” jams in the back seat perfectly and provides pretty decent cargo capacity for driver-only use. They cost about £10, and of course you retain the seat, but they aren’t lockable or secure, and putting anything large in them would be more of a pain.

Nice to see Renault playing with the Twizy concept.

Is it so rubbish that they took the picture from 300 m away, you can’t see it at all. I guess it’s like the fire engine one


Probably! I had suggested a demountable/changeable rear conversion previously, so the Twizy could swap between passenger and commercial usability and keep resale value.
With the frame shape and bolt on parts, a small van or pick up would be possible as needed.

This would be perfect for dominos pizza

click on the picture to see a big one

…or do a Google Image search.:wink: There are loads of luverly piccies on there. I tried posting a link, but it was massive and blew the page wide, I figured none of you wanted that. :smile: