2013 Twizy for sale

Hi All
I’m reluctantly selling my Twizy. Bought for the ‘around town’ journeys, the little go cart has served me well, and been great for promoting the business. But with some of my contracts being slightly further afield its spending too much time in the garage parked up.

2013 model, complete with new windows and MOT’d this month. £4,500.

Where are you ? …hope you’re near Surrey /Sussex border …

Milton Keynes

How come I have never bumped into you as I am in MK too? Ah, you hardly use it :sob:

I only use it during the week. It’s spent most of the last 12 months in either Bletchley Park, Stony Stratford or Newport Pagnell

Just round the corner from me. And yet I have never come across you. Sad, as I am dying to wave to another Twizy on the road. Not many of us around.

You’re not the Yellow one are you?

Or white and orange? They’re the only other two I’ve seen locally

No, mine is a black and white Technic. Use it virtually everyday but only locally around Bletchley/MK.