2nd anniversary

Hi Everyone. Well two years and three MOT’s nothing to report apart from the charger breaking and one 12v battery. Still love the Twizy. It puts a smile on my face all the time and I choose to drive it over my Merc and my BMW in Plymouth. I am out in it every weekend.

My granddaughter wants me to keep it for her first car. I intend to try so she can use it.

reckon my next purchase is the power box just need to find one on here before it goes.

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That’s encouraging.

I’m currently trying to find one.

I’ve already cleared a space in the garage!

Hi Keith ,I have one as well 3 years in Plymouth its the one with the sign writing on for the mariners ,where do you get yours serviced ? I am really fed up with vospers and their high prices.
which is yours ? I have seen three one at derriford ,one at higher compton and one I have only seen at marsh mills roundabout black and wite with grey flashes on.

I have the white and black one with Tribal Stickers, I do my own servicing where I can. But have had work done at Vospers. I have seen yours parked on the Hoe but none of the others. I have been to Derriford and Higher Compton in mine and I am always through Marsh MIlls.

My twizy is now 6 years old with 15000 on it. No charger issues, no battery issues just those poxy brakes. Running well at the moment though…hope I haven’t jinxed it. Use mine every day.