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2nd service

My Twizy had its 2nd service done with 5300 miles on the clock. The dealer offered a loan car or collect and deliver, I opted for the latter. Only reported problem was the off side door doesn’t lift on its own.There was a recall job to be done, the possible corrosion of the battery terminal.
Just got the Twizy back , all washed and cleaned. Brake pads are OK with 40% remaining. There was a note asking to contact for warranty work. Also on the work sheet there was a figure of £293.62 for a new spring loading hinge. I went to the dealer and asked what’s it all about. The receptionist said they had to order a new spring loaded hinge and hopefully it will come later on this week, all done under warranty. I asked if the corrosion recall bit was done. He rang workshop and apparently they hadn’t done it and was going to do it at the same time when replacing the hinge. The reason : Renault stipulate 2 technicians to be present to do it, and one of their trained technicians was off today. Plausible?
Will keep you up to date when they have replaced hinge and done the recall job.

Yes - I heard the same thing about work on the Fluence, so I doubt it’s a story…

My battery went flat, but I had to get it sent to a dealer in Leeds, as my local dealer only had one technician trained in EVs. Apparently they need 2 to work on the battery. It turned out to be the earth strap, which was a recall anyway. So the 2 technicians seems to be true.

They also said that the cordoned off an area of the workshops to stop other technicians going near the EVs

Just got my Twizy back from the dealer. They have done the corrosion terminal recall job. I think they have replaced both door hinges, because both doors now pop up smartly with just a click of the door handle. It was done under warranty. So if your doors don’t lift by themselves anymore, it’s not a matter of greasing/oiling the door hinges. It’s new hinges, done under warranty.

That is good news, because mine are annoying .

Well since selling mine, Renault seem to have got more together with sorting the Twizy’s issues, reading through more recent posts:

Battery terminal issues being sorted along with charge programming
Sticking door hinges being sorted
Brakes being sorted and pads re-priced
No more reported throttle issues

With the over-supply of Twizys settling down now and dealers generally holding out for their prices, maybe the ownership experience is improving now; with surer back up and issues being finally sorted correctly and prices perhaps firming up little for the summer.

It all seems like good news at present, let’s hope this continues.

This might be of interest to people who are not satisfied with their Renault dealer.
A few days after my service, I got a follow up survey email from the dealer, asking how satisfied I was with their service. I gave them all good, except an overall satisfied rather than a very satisfied, purely because they had to take two visits to complete the service and recall job.
I have just got a call from the service manager who said I will get a survey email from Renault themselves very soon and asked very nicely if I can give them a “very satisfied” instead of just “satisfied”. I get the impression that Renault will come down hard on dealers who don’t perform. So complain direct to Renault if your dealer is useless. It might have some effect.

Very interesting as we come up to the data a number of us ordered the first batch of Twizys (May 2012).

Interesting to see someone has woken up
If they’re risking the farm by backing electric they at least need to keep on top of problems asap and get the PR right

We all know how poor my experience was with Renault, resulting in my opinion “great car, shame it was not built by someone else”

I wonder if how long this attention to customers will last?