32226 miles ! Sounds high for a Twizy!

My local Nissan garage have sold a urban with 32226 miles on the clock.It was up at £4500 would be surprised if it sold for that with high mileage.
Has anyone done this mileage in two year ?
see http://www.motorline.co.uk/nissan/Used-Car-Details/used-renault-twizy-00-urban-auto-coupe-grey-automatic-other-ID_10706630002462634.aspx

PS I am look to buy the right one soon !

That sounds rather suspicious for a 2 year old Twizy. It would be on its third or fourth set of tyres, and would probably have needed a new set of discs all round. I wonder what battery rental contract it was on?

My guess is that they are reading the “trip” mileage, which has a decimal point - 3222.6 sounds way more reasonable!

I Phoned them and said they had taken a deposit and it had done 32000miles ! but you might be right with who they have read the mileage !

Sounds implausible as the battery hire would have crucified the owner, I guess as said it was 3222.6 and they are daft!
The pedals show no wear and the suspension and bits look too shiny for that mileage IMO.
Would be interesting to see it confirmed though.