3rd Service

My Twizy went into Renault today for its third service.
They reported two problems.
First there is an Oil Leak on the Final Drive and it will be fixed under Warranty.
Second problem is they found that the Brake Pads were worn to 85% which is not surprising that the car has a fraction under 12,000 miles under its belt :smile:
So its going back in next week to have the two things corrected.
Total Cost for the brake pad replacement is £272.40…
Expensive, but I have seen the problems others have had with corroded pistons etc so decided to have it done by Renault.


Interesting they said that on my 3rd service and it took nearly 4 weeks to fix. Not Renault’s fault but the dealer. They said the ramps had failed inspection and were out of order! :smirk:

Got it back but not happy as it is now noisy during take up and drop out or while feathering the throttle to allow coasting. Suspect there is simply a different oil. Renault spec is different to the reduction gear manufacturers oil spec.