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4 Wheel Steering

The Twizy appears to be equipped for 4 wheel steering. Anyone know if this is activated? It’s never mentioned in any of the reviews I read.

Really! That would need a more complex drive system and cost more. I haven’t had a look but are you sure it is not just the way tie rods are connected?

There doesn’t look room for the back wheels to turn.

Even if the current Twizy doesn’t have this, this would be awesome in the next Twizy!

Imagine an even tighter turning circle…

Sorry :frowning:

Sadly, it isn’t four-wheel steering. What it is however, is the adjustment rods for the tracking of the wheels.

Normally, this is all hidden away from sight, but in the Twizy it’s all there for everyone to see. I quite like it, although I’m contemplating putting some vaseline on the exposed thread to stop if from rusting!