4 years anniversary of ownership and 28,613 miles / 46,048 km later

I have been reminded by Facebook of my 4 years Twizy ownership. Some Twizy owners had issues but I can say that my Twizy ownership has been fun and with very little issues. So here are the facts:

Faulty hazard warning switch faulty and replaced under warranty (water got inside)
Throttle cable stuck when applied, grease applied by Renault under warranty and it worked ever since
Sleeps outside with only a cover for the cockpit
No handbrake applied when parked at home or the office
Yes the brakes makes an awful noise when driving off if it has been raining over night or just damp
On average I drive 180 miles a week (summer and winter)
Fully charged 6 days a week (it reads on average 97.50% in summer and just over 96% in winter on the power box display after the charge when I leave in the morning)
Now on the 3rd set of rear tyres & the 2nd set of front tyres
Just changed the front pads for the first time 2 months ago
At the same time changed the rear pads for the second time
Disk brakes are OK for now!
Fitted the power box nearly 2 years ago & it changed my life… sort of speak
original 12 V battery … never failed

Worse moments is a crash 2 years ago when a nutter cut me off and I slamed into the side of his car. He drove off without stopping. Strangely the bumper survived but not the sterring rack / column and everthing linked to it… cost the insurance just over 1000 gbp

Drove to work one morning this winter with the biggest snow falls for years and forgot to take the power box with me… the regen was so high that every time I lifted the throttle the Twizy went side ways. Fun but very scary in Heavy traffic and downhill.

All in all very happy 4 Twizy years & I believe you need to drive your Twizy hard if you want less issues.


I too hit a milestoe today. My 2012 Twizy Technic hit …2701 miles or and average of 450-ish miles a year.

And she’s my pride and joy. :slight_smile:


Did you get hit for excess mileage charges?

I have time to celebrate to! 200km! This one is new and I’m so happy.

I’m five years in 6777 miles , new set of tyres all round , replaced the 12V battery after my local dealer stiffed me on the last free service , three hazard light switches , new charger (under warranty). Removed the fuse for the heated screen a year ago - always on. Removed the troublesome handbrake solenoid ( two years ago ).

Hazard switch has just going wrong again , right hand indicator stalk not working on the end push button , a lot of surface rust :slight_smile:

Garaged outside in a temporary shelter, power box user - medium setting, battery SOC 96%.

Usual Renault electrical issues…

The Twizy is still my favourite drive , then my BMW i3 ( daily commuter ) and then the Smart For Four ED ( wife’s car ).

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I am paying the maximum monthly lease and I was never asked about my mileage.

How much is the maximum again?

I am paying £57 / month on a 36 months contract.

Fantastic write up! It bodes well for the batteries to be holding up after all this time. I have a 2012 Twizy, shows 99% SOC when fully charged!