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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

4000 miles in the zoe and only had it a few weeks

Mileage building very very fast…all going well, the software in the car is very flaky, sometimes the map doesnt work sometimes the radio, sometimes the menu doesnt work…all pretty annoying but well pleased with the average 80-90 miles on a charge, gets my fiance to work and back, biggest challenge, just over 40 miles…she has to be steady and currently swaps to her Merc just on Tuedays as she doesnt stop over at her house for a quickie boost of charge…means she keeps the merc running too, they go stale just sitting about doing nothing…bit like my cars too, all going stale now I am a confirmed Elctrohead…nopw where can I fit my turbo to give her a bit more oomph…:wink:

Answers on a postcard :lol:

Twizzy or fiancé?

naughty, but maybe both…don’t tel her I said that

mileage going up at 80 miles a day, so am expecting to do around 2000 per month in her…this car will have 60k miles on it within the three years I will have it…hopefully by then the next model will be out with a 30kw battery…giving closer to 120 miles on a charge, a bit more practical range wise than 80-90…

just thinking about car number three, maybe its leaf time, god they are ugly, or maybe a focus, they are nice and very powerful…but range not great…will go for a test drive in a couple of weeks…