5000 miles nearly up

yep i am at 4,900 miles and should have 500 by the end of next week…likely a bit more, she is running a treat, batteries are fine brakes fine, getting my antilift alarm at last next week and they promise to fix my service light fault that is linked to the brake fluid level…

otherwise all good…never had a sticking throttle but will keep an eye on it…

Well done, just under 4100 here, and despite my brush with Renault Leicester last week, all is good.

Well done, just under 4100 here, and despite my brush with Renault Leicester last week, all is good.

Snap!, done exactly the same mileage in mine :smiley:


Blimey you racked those miles up quick !

Have you looked at motorcycle alarms? They look like they are more suited, touch warning, step away.

Blimey you racked those miles up quick !

3750 Miles in 9 Months :smiley:
I do 16-20 miles every day commuting to work and then use the Twizy at the Weekend.
I expect to own the Twizy for at least 3 years so by that time the mileage will be around the 15,000 Mile Mark :slight_smile:


I can see me racking up 30,000 miles in mine easily, depending on how good the I3 or the Zeo are, cant bear the leaf so that will never happen, ugly thing…i8 is a car to have and if i can get an answer from tesla maybe one of those…

There is a good full road test in this weeks Autocar on the Tesla, they rate it very highly.

8000 miles now, and the zoe will start pilling on the miles as it is doing about 80-90 per day, around 400 -500 miles per week plus some weekend travel… thats saving us over 100 pounds a week…happy days indeed…I am back to using the twizy for work trips and this means about 200 per week. got to get two new front tyres for the Twizy not great milegae they have worn heavily on the inside edges…is this normal…

twizy had annual service new brake pads, two front tyres, free but it cost 220 quid in parts…etc…

Sounds better than some reported brake pad swaps-what did they come out at?

I’m guessing tyres were c. £60 each, so about £100 fitted for pads?

I didnt really check, not good at checking invoices…should really…

This sounds cool its quite much of a way of knowing the basic of factors about touring this much i mean 5000 Miles is like wow lol. But yeah it can be a superb experience i mean if we can get to travel this much for some short time period or the way we drive how much we are into traveling that makes the vehicle driven goodly.