70mph in the Twizy on the M1

I felt the need to take the Twizy on the motorway so gave it a go yesterday (Easter Sunday).

I needed just an additional 5% charge to complete the trip so may have managed it on one charge if I’d taken it steadier!


How long did it do 70 for? I’ve been on the A38 today and it soon went into normal and then eco mode because the motor got too hot :thinking:

Only for a minute or so and it was on a down hill stretch.

I didn’t have the PowerBox app running but felt the power drop off shortly after on the A617, after which I was limited to 52mph.


That sounds like my experience Peter. Not going to be venturing onto the faster roads in future. The fin is on the side roads :slight_smile:

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I did 70 in mine the other day.

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