A/C for Twizy... Doable?

I have a Twizy and live in a ver hot weather si id like to get an A/C for it… Has anyone done it or come close (alternatives)?

Like to hear any ideas.

Thank you for your help.



If you look at any air con that actually cools the air, you will see it takes a lot of power to run. Far more than you can get from the 12v battery. So you either try to tap in to the traction battery and accept reduced range or you look at a simple water sprat fan system.

The Twizy was designed to pass air round the driver and keep them dry. So an alternative is to add some air deflectors to get the air flowing inside.

Traditional air con only really works on a sealed box which the Twizy certainly isn’t.

We run a fleet of Twizy’s in Bermuda and installed air vents into the roof. Works really well and can be closed when it rains.


I can see photos of air vents?

Supposedly the new Twizy are going to come out with AC and heater here in Korea or all of Asia. That’s the word from Korea news.

AC works well in my Twizy go it down to -4.5c yesterday. :smile:


Lol… tell me about it!