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A DIY parking ticket protection

You are afraid that your parking ticket flies away? Here’s how to do yourself a very simple protection for your parking ticket.

Another of your brilliant/crazy ideas!! Very good. Keep them coming. I enjoyed them.


When the tax disc is no longer needed in the screen from Oct, you could slip the ticket in the tax disc holder

Actually can you work out a way that I can carry my golf clubs. I am thinking of some form of tray that sticks out of the back, maybe screwed on to the chassis.

I saw different things that could cope with your request :



The tray in the middle picture is perfect. Where can you get that?

It’s a German company ELIA and it’s quite expensive
If I have well understood, you have to buy first this “basic” part (the link) 459€
and this part (the trail) 145 €

If I had to do that by myself, I wouldn’t pay so much !

Thanks for the info. You are right. It’s a bit expensive for what it is.

Brilliant, the middle picture is how I can carry the 2nd passenger, and if they’re like me, a little er, cuddly as my wife says, I can do wheelies in the Twizzy

Do you want me to work around that to see what can be done ?

Thanks. I would be grateful. I am sure you will come up with something.

Have you already try that ?

Seriously, I don’t know how much heavy your golf bag is and what is roughly its size

The size of the tray in the middle picture is perfect. My golf bag can weigh anything from 17 kgs. Do you think the Twizy will do wheelies with that weight hanging out from the back :razz: . If I can carry the bag on the back, I am thinking of asking the golf course if I can use the Twizy as a golf buggy and use it on the course!!:razz::razz: Only joking.

Hello, I’m late but be sure that I never forget you and your golf bag during this period ! I created a very light luggage carrier that can also be a bike rack. It is the best I can do to provide something cheap, easy to install, easy to use, but I’m not sure it copes with your need… Just tell me frankly. Here is a video to show you this luggage carrier which name is TRIGO (because 3 ways to go…)

Wow! Nice bit of kit, Christian. Did you design that and had it made? Very nice. The carrier/tray needs to be lower down for my purpose. But to be honest I have given up the idea. Thanks for remembering me. Keep up the good work with your brilliant/crazy ideas. I love them.

Many thanks and yes I created it ! I’m sorry you are not interested anymore but as my TRIGO is very flexible, i can propose that to you :

If I don’t officialy suggest this position, it’s because I don’t know what to do with the number plate which will be hidden by the bag… But maybe you know ?

Oh, so the tray can be put to a lower position. Very clever. How is it secured and do you think it will take a weight of 17-18 kgs. Yes, the blocked number plate and more so the blocked brake lights will be a problem. I think one will get stopped by the police.

About the weight, I am quite confident because I tested with my son (60 kg) on it and no problem. Then I tested with me (80 kg (: ) and the lower elbows were bent. So the limit is between 60 and 80 kg.

So, if the only problem is the number plate, would you be interested ? If you could make a photo of your golf bag and your Twizy together, it would be helpful for me to estimate the size and the consequences.

Here are some photos as requested. I think the tray has to be at an angle so the top of the bag can tilt towards the back of the Twizy. You can also see the actual base of the bag is a little bit away from the actual edge of the bag, so the tray has to be deep enough to support the whole of the base, while making enough room to clear the edge of the bag that will be leaning on the back of the Twizy. By the way, how is the kit secured on the Twizy, no drilling invloved I hope. Hey, thanks a lot for taking an interest.