A few pics of our Model X

We collected our car on the 23rd December and it has generally been fantastic. Few common issues which it will go back for, but the space inside, both front and back is superb, people of all heights have sat in the middle and back two seats in comfort. The front windscreen is just so large you feel like you are in a plane and the view at night is especially breathtaking.

The performance of the P100D is really quick, I have not done a launch yet so just accelerating from about 30 as a starting point is breathtaking enough!

The 19" large central console is good and very intuitive and my wife loves having Spotify at her fingertips.

The autopilot features are still not enabled on our AP2 car, but hopefully will be in the next few weeks

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Looks fab!!

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What a Christmas present… fantastique

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That looks awesome! I just need to win the lottery now. Lol.