A little expensive

Think they’ve priced this wrong :rofl::sweat_smile::rofl:https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/new/201906209208021?advertising-location=at_cars

Priced wrongly for whom? For them it’s a good price, for potential purchases it’s very steep. :slight_smile:

But agreed it is the wrong price unless it is new and includes a new battery with no rental.

In the Netherlands, new Twizy’s are sold including the battery.
I don’t know when this has changed, I do know you seriously have to pay for the battery…

Could be the answer, that this Twizy is an import with the battery.

Or maybe a policy change in the UK, too?

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My Twizy was 13k eur last december, in Romania. New, with doors, floor mats and panoramic roof. My battery, no rents. I paid only 6.5k, the other half was incentives from government.

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Erm… Bullet-pointed in the add… ‘Battery Hire’…

Standard features

  • Blue body arches & alloy wheels
  • Battery Hire
  • Clear sky roof (UV filter)
  • Doors - scissors with clear base and open & close assisted movement
  • White mirror covers
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