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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

A little story

Once upon a time there was a twizy, that lived in a house. The house was very warm and very well insulated, it had a layer of wood, 50mm of kingspan, a layer of tarpaulin, plywood, carpet, then lino. If it was cold there were two heaters to warm him up and a fan to make sure he didn’t get burned.

He had lots of buttons to play with, a central heating controller to keep it warm (10 c), a humidity controlled fan, to make sure it didn’t get too humid, and lasers to help him park at night.

If he was tired, it had a pillow on the wall to stop him binging into it and hurting himself.

It also had a light in case it was dark and he was afraid of the dark.

The little Twizy, loved his little home.

I read an article about the Twizy’s battery saying below 0c it got a coating on one of its terminals, so I build a garage for it, so does it go down as the best looked after twizy?

What a kind person you are.

I hope your Twizy gets plenty of exercise ever when it is cold. It would be so cruel to keep it looked up in it’s cosy home.

Mine lives in a integrated garged with all the solar charge controller, battery banks and invertors to talk to. But mine loves to go out for a run every day.

And I thought my little Twizy had it good when I built a canopy to keep it dry when it rains!! It fits nicely into that space though.

Twizy only comes out in the sun. He got rained on once, and he didn’t like it, so he only goes out when it’s nice. He tried talking to the BMWs, but they turned their nose up at him, so he ignores then now. He likes his privacy, and he said he’s nice and warm, but the big smelly BMWs have to stay in the cold.

I think the roof for Askho’s twizy is excellent, fits perfectly. Brilliant, and no snobby BMWs to pick on him

I like it!!:lol::lol::lol:

My Twizy once laughed at a BMW stuck on a hill in snow. We waved and drove up the hill past it. :wink:
We don’t mine rain or cold. As long as we get out.