A new member to the Twizy owners

Pick up my Twizy today. Thanks for a great owners forum, it has been a great source of information which has lead to the purchase. It will be used as a commuting vehicle all year, and should be safer and quicker than my bicycle. The kids think it’s some kind of mobility scooter, I will change there mind when they get to go for a ride. The wife is still unsure about it but is glad I’m no longer cycling along a busy dual carriageway.

Welcome Michael. The kids will love it and your wife we be pleased you are safer then the bike. I use mine all year round and even sold my Motorbike I’d kept for the winter when I found out how good the Twizy is in the snow.

Have fun and make the best of the summer warmth.

Great choice of vehicle, the winter is slightly less fun, but still using my Twizy 3 years on :+1:

Welcome. Hope we still have some Twizy weather for you to enjoy the car.
Strange your kids think it is a mobility scooter. I once went to a car show at Woburn and the car park attendent asked me if I needed the disable car park!! And she was deadly serious :frowning:

Having taken the kids for a spin, they now think it’s the coolest thing ever. The oldest kid can’t wait to drive it.

Yes I love Le Twiz it is so much fun cant explain why it brings such a smile to my face