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A trailer for the Twizy

Eccfunkytravel should have posted this, but here is a Twizy (last one) towing a bike trailer.

It is an interesting idea but is it road legal and what kind of speed does it limit you to? Link to video.

Not road legal - it’s a kiddy trailer for a bike, which we use on our electric bikes. There’s a chassis cross tube under the Twizy rear bumper you can get a couple of wire ties round, and I put a couple more through them to secure to the linch-pin on the trailer. Do not do this at home, and certainly not with your own children! >:)

OK, I did an enquiry about this myself.

This is a confusing topic, and the answer would legally be yes and no.

A Renault Twizy can be driven by a 16 year old in the sense that it has power equal to a 50cc moped. When I wanted to buy a trailer for my friend, we did some research and legally, a bike has to have a displacement of 125cc or more to be permitted to pull a trailer.

On the other hand, the Renault Twizy capable of reaching 80km/h is a light quadricycle, which can be driven with a car license, and hence can have a trailer attached. The only other issue would be speed, weight, and a bunch of other factors. I am building a petrol Twizy which is from parts from a Suzuki Hayabusa and a scrapped Twizy from France, so I would need to pass an IVA, for me this would be different and I would be welding onto the original chassis, but what you would need to do is get a motorcycle trailer coupling on the back of the Twizy and wiring from the turn signals and break pedal.

[/size]Then you’d need a trailer, but because the thing weighs less than 500kg, you’re going to need to add some juice to the trailer. Not sure if you can charge and drive the Twizy at the same time, but you could consider installing on of these on the trailer and hooking it up to the wheels, coupled with a power inverter, you could drive the Twizy, causing the wheels on the trailer to go around, causing sparks which consecutively would create sparks of electricity, which would power the 100 watt to 240v inverter, which would return the power to the Twizy through the power cable.

If you need help, I’d do the labour free of charge. Aren’t I becoming famous on this forum for my contraptions/ideas?

Now that would be fun! Waiting for pics!!

the Renault Twizy capable of reaching 80km/h is a light quadricycle

A Twizy capable of 80km/h is classed as a Heavy Quadricycle (in the UK)


my name ich Christian Wolf from Bavaria / Germany.
Since last dezember is our trailer hitch for the Twizy ready.
on www.twizykupplung.de you find a PDF flyer.
In some time it is also ready in english.

Best Regards

one more foto with box

and the last for today

Brandnew :

a bicycle rack for the TWIZY on the trailer hitch.
Christian / twizykupplung.com

I make use of a trailer sometimes when there are things that I can’t put inside the Twizy. I travel short distances so it’s fine for me and the car. Luckily, I haven’t encountered problems so far.