A Twizy 45 for my son when he is 16

This may be too crazy, but I was thinking it would be fun to import a Twizy 45 from Europe to here in the UK for my son when he is 16. It may be too tricky or expensive.

There seem to be many for sale on the continent :

I think it means:

  1. Hiring a truck in France as hire companies in UK don’t allow taking hire truck abroad?
  2. Picking up the Twizy from the seller and loading into the truck. (sign papers for battery lease, Do all European countries have battery lease on Twizy?)
  3. Driving van to a French port then returning the truck to hire company, driving the Twizy onto a ferry.
  4. Announcing in UK port customs that I’m importing a vehicle? and paying some import TAX?
  5. Getting the twizy 45 home on the charged battery
  6. Changing the plug on the front of the Twizy to UK plug.
  7. Find an insurer that will insure a 16 years old in a Twizy 45.
  8. Apply for a Provisional license for my son when he is 15 and 9 months.
  9. When he is 16 years old, Book him on a CBT course that will accept a Twizy 45 instead of a moped.
  10. err put L plates the Twizy 45?

I think the Twizy would have resell value as it can be sold another 16 year old the following year.
I just want to be there when he asks the headmaster for a parking space!

Anyone got any thoughts on this? It is possible?

Do you need to pay vat if coming form Europe?
Norway don’t have battery rental.

However before you do anything check you can get it insured and at what price! This alone may stop anything.

How about a trailer instead of hiring a van abroad and finding ramps to get the Twizy in and out.

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I’d check it’s legal to drive on L plates here. Good luck with the insurance too.

I thought of this for my now 18 year old, but the twizy is VERY bad in side crashes.

I actually spoke to the chap who tested it for it’s insurance classification, excellent chap, but it is really bad. Although I have one, there’s no way I’d put an inexperienced driver in one, particulalry a hormonal 16 year old!

I told him he could pick a group 1 NCAP 5 car, idealy with 2 seats. Stats show a lowe crash rate for boys with 2 seats, less “egging on” I suspect.

As it would need an MOT you may find you need to change the headlights for RHD ones. Also I’m not sure on the rear fog lights. You would need to make sure it had one on the O/S/R to comply with an MOT.
The only other things would be that the speedo would be in Kmph and it won’t have a uk plug on it.
If you do go down the battery lease route then check that it can be used in a different country to which the battery is leased. I’m sure I remember reading something that it can’t.
Good luck

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Twizy Speedo’s are electronic an you can switch between MPH and KM/H. The Plug can be changed by a good electrician but also as the charging lead is easy to damage (not putting it away properly) it can be obtained fairly easily.

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Have we got rear fog lights in UK models?

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Good Point.
It was chucking it down with rain when I wrote it so I didn’t go and check… Just been and checked and mine has no fog light. I just took it that it would have.

Are you sure quadricycles need fog lights?

Hi all.
To clarify I had not checked before I wrote about the fog light. I took it it would be the same as a car. As shown below from the MOT class 4 guide on line Quadricycles do Not need a rear fog light for the MOT.

Hi, slightly random I know but, I am looking for a Twizy 45 for my soon to turn 16 yr old and wondered if you sourced one and if you might be interested in selling it?

Hi Diane, I am still looking myself and trying to work out how one could be imported.
it seems most 45s are in Italy:

Yes, we have been looking and wondering about importing too, we have kids of 13 & almost 16 and no public transport where we live so looking to get them at least able to drive themselves to the station.

I should have said, we have checked with DVSA and they need to do CBT then test on a moped to be able to drive, they can’t drive in L plates with a CBT.

I considered letting my son drive. The insurance was high, so I ended up ruining the very chap who did the insurance grouping assessment.
He told me he rated it high as it was so bad in side impacts. I decided not to give my son one because of the inherent danger. I bought him a skoda Citigo instead, it’s ncap 5 and insurance group 1.

Hi, did you succeed? I’m thinking of buy one as well for my 16yr old son.

Hi, just read your post and I’m in the same position. Is this possible? I’m not too worried where I buy the 45, just trying to find out if it can be done.

Nobody has tried it yet, it means driving a truck to Italy! and maybe battery rental is forgotten cross-border?

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Hi, looking to order a brand new one from France, found a broker giving 12% discount. Plan is to collect and drive onto Eurotunnel then trailer it home or put in a can - apparently fits in the back of a transit! Had 2 incredibly helpful calls with HMRC and because it is only 4 KW, can bring it in VAT free. The lead in time is 6-8 weeks. We did find one for sale in Belguim but decided that new was better option.

Hi, also interested too. What website is the one for sale in Belgium listed?