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ABRP specific energy model for the Twizy

If you are using the ABRP app for planing journeys with the Twizy, please note that a specific “energy model” has just been added to the vehicle database, which is likely to fit nicely with your real world range with this unique EV. I’m not involved in ABRP, I just sent them 10 months worth of energy use/charge observed during my Twizy commuting.
For those who have an OVMS module, you can add the nifty abrp plugin which can then feed the app with live data to update the estimated charge on arrival (use the “renault:twizy:20:6:80” vehicle model).

Really quite useful, if not actually an essential component for EV driving.

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Interesting. Does ABRP (A Better Route Planner, for those not familiar) presume you have a type 2 adapter when it selects charge ports for you? And presumably it does not suggest type 2 rapid chargers, just untethered type 2?


That’s a good point, I’ve checked out and currently ABRP only uses the type 2 chargers (non rapid is seems), but I’ll ask the developers whether ABRP could select both domestic plug and “non rapid” type 2 chargers (the two types of chargers we can use with the Twizy, the latter if equiped with a type 2 conversion lead).