Accessories for Twizy

Hi, I have just joined this forum as I bought a demo model Renault Twizy a few days ago.
This thing is fantastic fun and makes my commute so much more fun!
Just ordered the front mud flaps…are they any good? Secondly, are there any other accessories I can buy for it? I hears the power box doesn’t work for model made after 2016?

Any help would be appreciated!

Welcome to the group. The front mud flaps are essential and should be part of the base vehicle.

They keep the Twizy clean and stop spray being directed into the cab. Easy to fit but don’t bother with the supplied instructions. Easier to remove the existing Mud Guard then the front wheels. Then you can work on a bench indoors if required. The nuts can be a bit fiddly.

Tell us more about your Twizy.


Thanks for your prompt response!
I’m getting the mud flaps fitted by Renault.
Is there anything else I can add to the Twizy?
Does anyone in the UK fit wider tires to it?

Thanks again,

Wider tyres for looks? The Twizy grips very well at present and doesn’t need wider tyres. Also this will adversely affect the range.

Where are you based?


I am based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Are we allowed in the UK to remove the wheel arches and have wider tires? I thought the wheels couldn’t protrude in the U.K.? I might be wrong!


The wheels must to extend beyond the body work ie. Wheel arches or Mud Guards in the UK.

So wider tyres mean new Mud Guards.