Action shots

Well kind of!

Was sitting in traffic on the M2 yesterday when my mate came past and was very excited to see the Twizy in action so took a few pictures

On this topic, I reckon I have (or at least I notice) people in cars taking pictures on every journey.

It usually starts with a car overtaking, then being conscious of it matching my speed, then a light from the passenger / rear window followed by a big grin on somebody’s face :laughing:

Would love to know where they are all stored

Everyone else in the same boat?

Yep loads of pictures particularly on the Motorway. I still end up talking to locals even though Chesterfield is small and my Twizy has been around for nearly 4 years.

That’s it? Just two???
I was excited when I saw the title action shots…

No much action in here is there then? Hahaha
Right. Let’s get this thread pumpin!

Start uploading shots you even find on Pinterest of Instagram :))