Adjustable seat

I’d like to see a bit more adjustability of the drivers seat in the next Twizy. At the moment it is a solid piece of plastic, but it would be nice to adjust the angle of the seat and the height.

As I mentioned in another thread just now, I also have trouble seeing traffic lights when I’m in the Twizy, because I have to sit so far back because of my long legs. I’d like to be able to sit closer to the steering wheel, so maybe they could lengthen the front of the car slightly?

Adjustable seat now possible as a mod. Well known German Twizy enthusiast Otto documents the process here, albeit in Deutsch:
€129 for the seat. Let me know if google translate doesn’t work for anyone, I could do a translation if needed. Sorry @James that you already sold your Twizy :sweat_smile:

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fantastic mod, even better if heated leather :slight_smile:

No problem :slight_smile:

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Is the seat waterproof?
What a pity, I wanted to change my seat but it is not easy at all…

I guess it depends on what seat you buy… but I guess most are not waterproof, since they are made for fully enclosed cars.
I had a friend here in Germany change his seat to the Smart’s seat… it took him an entire weekend, but he is very happy with it.