Advice Re Corrosion on Hubs on a 2016 Twizy

I have purchased a 2016 twizy from a UK Renault Garage only to be told that they can not deliver the twiz as there is corrosion to the hubs and they need replacing and they can not get the parts from Renault and they don’t even have a lead time for the parts.

This car is only a year old, has only 233 miles on it and was a demo car for a leading UK dealer so my questions to them was how possibly could corrosion happened so quickly and why are the parts not available - No answers were given and so I got Renault complaints involved but they will not give answers either.

I needed the Twiz to take to Spain on 10th September and I was meant to be having hand controls fitted and a trailer adapted before I left - I have paid for a non returnable ferry crossing of £480 to Spain a trailer yet I may not even have the car - Its all very upsetting and quite unbelievable

Any ideas who I can involve to resolve this problem as even Renault complaints state they can not get any answers regarding supplies of the parts from France

That’s ridiculous. Ask for pictures and you make the call yourself as to whether or not the corrosion is an issue. I strongly suspect what they mean are that the discs are corroded, as they are a high iron content material and corrode when left in any damp place. Nothing too much to worry about as long as they are cleaned up - corrosion occurs through lack of use (see other threads on here about how to keep the brakes in good condition).

Don’t let Renault’s utter hopelessness mess up your plans, if indeed this is just about corroded discs. The reason they may be calling this issue ‘Hub Corrosion’, is that the rear discs cannot be replaced alone, they come with a complete new hub assembly, which is actually reasonably priced at about £80 a side if I recall correctly.

In our collective experience, most dealers know anything about the Twizy and I suspect a salesman has seen the corrosion and then made assumptions. Get the pictures and decide yourself (or post something here of course!) Next they’ll be telling you that the discs are 80% worn and need replacing too… (new discs are only 4.5mm thick and Renault Techs often think these should be a typical 10mm thickness as on other, bigger cars. Buffoons the lot of them…)

Good Luck :slight_smile:

I have hit a total brick wall with renault complaints as they are saying the same that it is the Hub Part number 432067161R and that no plans are in place for production!!!

I have managed to find Renaults UK CEO’s email address and have asked him to step in

How possibly can a 2016 car already have corrosion?
and how the heck can Renault not have all of these parts in stock or have any idea when they are available

This garage knew I had the chance of another car and knew I needed it to have the hand controls etc fitted before I went to Spain, yet let me pay my deposit and then 10 days afterwards sent me an email stating I would not have deliver of the car in time

Jessica Evans - Renault UK’s Customer Service Manager. She seemed keen to help me out with my latest line of complaints. Don’t know who you spoke to first but she may be better placed to help.
0344 335 00 00

Alternatively just do what I’ve threatened to do before and go to the boss.
Contact Eric Feunteun who is Director of Global Renualt ZE. He has a twitter account and I’m sure he’d love to hear from you and publicly discuss how well Uk customer support & his general supply chain have handled this fairly simple request…plus like you say his warranty/product development control team should be jumping with interest in how a 2016 233 mile car can have so much corrosion.


Most people of this thread have experienced the corrosion issue. My car had its disk replaced before purchase after just 700 Miles. I strongly suspected that it did not need them but took them as they were free.

A year on, and they say the disks are corroded again but it was just a comment and did not need a fix. I also had the car MOTed (road worthiness test) which it passed, with only a comment about the corrosion. I think part of the problem is the regenerative braking I now make a point of using the brakes every now and then to keep the disks clean


Thanks for sharing Ben

Thank You - I found his email address and a full letter has gone off as I am being ignored by everyone else

[email protected]

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So I just had an email and the garage have cancelled my order - any idea where I stand?

I paid deposit, signed into Battery contract and bought trailer and everything - Can not belive how I am being treated

I suppose it depends if you’ve signed any contract from the garage? and what that says. A deposit is usually just that, and thus if the garage has found an issue they are usually within their rights to return the deposit and make sure you aren’t out of pocket (I doubt the trailer would come under this).

However if you’ve signed the battery contract then that could be interesting, as legally you now have no car but could in theory be responsible for the battery.

First thing I would do is to ring RCI (Renault Finance who your battery lease is through) explain the situation, firstly make sure you are not going to be charged for a battery you cant use but more importantly make sure your credit isn’t going to be affected by this cancellation of a lease contract.

(Ask to be transferred to the ZE department when you ring as the general finance department imo haven’t a clue about battery leases)

Good luck, again I would suggesting ringing Jessica Evans @ Renault customer services and telling her how rubbish your experience was. I recently told her Renault has no idea how difficult/annoying it is to buy, insure and service a Twizy, this should hopefully confirm that again.

I have had some amazing advice from Motorcodes and CAB and the garage have to re-instate the sale - So a long legal letter has gone out. Also I am now in direct contact with Eric feunteun to help resolve this case

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I cant thank you enough - I finally got an engineer to look at the Twizy and it was the Discs that corroded, all replaced and all been passed and its being delivered on Friday.

Without your help I would not have had my car so a BIG THANK YOU x


Great news Ria and far too long to fix a small and known issue, but at least the collective here was able to support.

Lots of pictures on Friday please :smiley:

So here is what was delivered to me :frowning:

This is a 2016 (300 miles on clock) from a renault dealer - how could they even think about selling this its ready for the scrap heap and so dangerous, the brakes don’t work and grind - Back in to negotiations with Renault

The rust is not great. Remember this car was probably manufactured in 2011 or 2012 and has sat around in the wet just rusting away. Have a look under any car of that age and that’s about what you would see.

If I had bought a 2016 car and found that much rust I wouldn’t be happy to accept t either.

Does everything work? ie. after driving it do the wheels feel warm?
Does the Hazard warning light work as you expect - it turns on and it turns off without having to jiggle it.
What about the other steering wheel controls? Windscreen heater turns on and off with the switch and the pedestrian warning switch works?

The other thing that might stick is the handbrake. Although the level releases by the steering wheel they don’t always come off on the wheel.

Good luck.

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just about everything is corroded, the garage that it is in wont release it to drive as its deemed not road worthy, even the new brakes that were fitted grind and wont stop the car properly.

So they have advised a Dekra report and to sue the supplier