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After 21 months of happy (mostly) Twizy ownership i did the deed today...Smart EV

A few miles under 8,500 in my fully loaded, doored and windowed Twizy Colour today and I finally decided to go mainstream. I found a Smart 3rd Gen Electric Drive including battery for 11,995 with 250 miles on it) and agreed a PX of my Twizy Color 2012 with rear sensors, Bluetooth, nets and orange alloys for £3,350 which is a little less than I would have liked but hey ho…

It wont be as much fun or as roomy in some ways but it does have a/c and nav and Bluetooth and sensors and 78mph top speed and 60-80 range…

Wish me luck. (If anyone is about to buy a Twizy before Monday and want to pay me say £3,600 let me know…)

Well, having done the same (swapped Twizy for a Fluence) at least you stayed true to size and me to the marque! I agree about your PX price though and it does prove that loading with aftermarket goodies does zip for the exchange value. :frowning: I know folk mostly don’t talk about pricing, but it might be useful to others who are sourcing the cost of their outlays based on retail values.

I resisted the Twizy launch price of £7,000 for the Colour as with the ongoing battery lease I felt the investment was overpriced. I spotted one of the ex-demo ones for sale going at £3,850. It had 500m and had doors and windows as standard (nothing else). Ran it through the Summer and Winter with no issues and really enjoying it until I started complaining about a really sore neck the day after driving. It turned out the state of my local roads (and the hard Twizy ride) resulted in increasing pain - no doubt due to advancing years and pending decrepitness of the driver. After perusing Autotrader for residual values I came across another Renailt ZE, a Fluence.

Originally retailing at £24,000 this ex-demo model was going for just £7,350 plus the battery lease - now increased to £77pm. Fully loaded with leather, SatNav and a top spec, the issue was what could I expect for my Twizy in PX? I had covered 1,200m in my 8 months of ownership and it still looked as good as new. Without any haggling, the dealer offered a straight £3,500, just £100 short of what you got for your loaded version. What I did really appreciate however, was that the Twizy only cost me £350 which was very cost-effective. (Excl battery lease charges etc).

If I had purchased new, then clearly my loss would have been considerably more. It’s not often I can make the right decisions and feel I came out on top - but this was one of them. Spin forward a few weeks, the Twizy has gone and I have my replacement Fluence which - compared to my earlier EV - is like sitting on a fluffy cloud, even when going through potholes! I now see the dealer advertising my Twizy, and the price? £5,000. Clearly they want to make a profit - but £1,500 seems a tad over the top when I paid just £3,850 eight months earlier!

I do hope anyone that is interested has the good sense to negotiate and bring it down. Meanwhile, I remain a happy bunny - nobody looks and points at my car anymore…

You’ve done really well with your Twizy. There are not many who are not going to lose out big time when they come to sell theirs. Hey, what’s all this with you guys deserting the Twizy!! I think I will keep mine for a long time, because for my purpose there is no better. For the moment anyway. The only thing I have seen so far that will tempt me is the Toyota iRoad, but that’s not in production yet. When I get itchy fingers I will change one of my other ICE cars. I am not really a committed EV fan anyway.

Great idea going for a Fluence, sounds like a good deal all round and a cheap ownership of a Twizy.
I saw some great deals on the Fluence and it looks like a nice car and a super deal at those prices.

I owned my Twizy for just the battery hire cost and much enjoyed it; you wisely did much the same and then moved up to a more useful Fluence at a super low price so you have all the benefits of EV ownership at low prices.

I think that is the key to owning EVs for now-making the right choices by buying/selling wisely and don’t get whacked on depreciation.

Imagine buying the Twizy new, losing several thousand on trade in and then buying the Fluence new and losing 70% in a year…8-|

Fair play-you’ve done it spot on :wink:

More good luck than astute judgement - if RCI had bothered their backside and responded to my letter (where I enquired about a ‘two-fer’ deal) if they were accommodating I would have kept the Twizy as a commitment - sore neck or not, it is still a cracking EV and I would have been happy to pay a combined lease of (say) £100 for both.

Their lack of response spoke volumes - and PXing to a dealer was the only way out in advance of the 3-year agreement.

I’ll retain my interest in Twizy - it may not be comfy, but it did turn heads!

Well the twizy has gone to auction and I hope that the new owner joins the forum. Battery agreement has been passed to Mercedes Colindale. I am now the proud owner of a Smart Fortwo EV. So far so good. Every person who has seen it says - wow a real car )) … I enjoyed hugely owning the Twizy but it is nice that my kids will get in now, my wife will borrow it and I am not made to feel like an outcast… Renault were ultimately disappointing in terms of post sale care, service care, and support for the ZE/EV program generally.

Rather than my bum sitting in a nice new Zoe they forced me to learn with Twizy and then move to Mercedes. I still love the concept of no petrol! even if probably in pure cost terms i am a loser through depreciation and I like having NO battery lease. It will be interesting to see how supportive SMART are and how the battery efficiency holds up and how supportive they are of their own cars when i want to trade in. Time will tell - meanwhile my car is getting the Brabus tart up treatment…

Well done. Did you or did Mercedes Colindale put the Twizy to auction? Would be interesting to see how much it went for. Keep us informed how you get on with the Smart. I did look at one but I am not really a real EV fan. The Twizy just suits my purpose perfectly and it’s the design that got me.

If I was closer, I’d go to the auction, as I have a sneaky feeling the a Battery will be ‘sold’ with the car…! Just make sure you get RCI to confirm your liability has ended.

swapped Twizy for a Fluence

I would be very interested in a review of the Fluence :wink:
Things like real world range etc
I hope to take my full Car Test in the next year or so and the Fluence will be on my possible List of EV Cars after the Twizy :slight_smile:


Mercedes phoned all the Renault garages and failed to find any interest in the car… which seems crazy… and then got an estimate of its auction value to do the deal with me.


Here is my Smart Electric Drive which I am tarting up!

I kept my Twizy number plate! to remind me of the good old days.

You did ensure the Battery Lease was noted as being a must for redemption? Without this, your obligation to pay continues.

Sorry to be a newbie but could you pls explain this wrinkle “must for redemption”?

If the previous owner does not redeem (hand back the battery lease by getting RCI to cancel the policy) they must continue to pay for it even though they sold the car. All owners are provided with transfer forms, so if they do not follow the rules, they are effectively selling the car not as is, but without the battery - as they never owned it, only paid a monthly rental.

Is it not worse than that. If you sell the car and keep paying the rental as it only has a month left then you still have to renew the rental or return the Battery even though you don’t have it. Batteries (out side Norway) have to have the rental on them! That’s how it currently stands.

So make sure you transfer the battery rental to either the new owner or dealership.

It brings out some interesting options and some questions.