After Charging Question

  1. If I leave my Twizy garaged and drive it every 5 or 6 days, am I better to leave it plugged in or charge it and remove it from charge when complete?
  2. If I don’t plan driving it in the winter, should I charge it and leave it, or again leave it plugged in?

Lithium battery’s like to be stored (winter) at 60%. It is not good to leave then either empty of 100% for long. How long is long?

The manual explains about pulling a fuse if leaving it while you go on holiday.

No need to ever leave it on charge. There is little self discharge. Only thing to watch, if leaving it a few weeks/months is the 12V battery. Don’t let that go flat. It is charged at the same time as the traction battery or when the ignition is on (provided the traction battery fuse is still in place).

Thank you very much. Very helpful response.