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After four days in Center Paris

I happily drive, one may say ride, the Twizy in Center Paris. Quite enjoyable moments, particularly in medium-but-not-so-dense traffic conditions The machine creates smiles both from behind the wheel and from outside. For having been a Mini owner far before the BMW version inundated the roads and a Smart owner ever since its launch, I immediately recognized the feeling of being cherished rather than hated by the typical Parisian driver. You feel safer than on a two wheel horse, but feel slower when it comes to navigate wildly between lines. At this game scoots are faster but where they require helmets, boots and a certain taste for dangerous life, the Renault creature lets you drive with your suit and favorite Berluccis in this kind of quiet state of mind that enables to prepare your next business meeting. We even went shopping and did come back with a few things that found their place “inside” the machine. Do not hope to get away with the typical Ikea trolley though. Our model has no door which makes you feel faster than the number you read on the blue tachometer. A couple of remarks : plan for 66 km total range rather than the announced 100, check that your home socket does not melt when trying to charge it through the kitchen window, do not expect the three tone beep to stop unless you switch back to neutral at the traffic lights. Jeremy Clarkson might not like it but it’s still a recommendable fourth driving machine.

Welcome and thanks for the above article. It makes interesting reading and like a lot of Twizy owners I can relate to your feeling.
Your range is (66KM) 41M is what Renault are now claiming! Max 62m realistic Max 50M, Ave user 40M, worse case 30M.

I have never got down to 30M and end up most the time round MR. Average.:slight_smile:

Would love to drive one around Paris, such a vibrant city, must be great for sight seeing :slight_smile:

Nice insight-I note the attitude of other road users towards the Twizy here too-the only other car I drove that got the same response was the Citroen 2CV.
People smile, wave and are generally patient and courteous-it is one of the pleasures of it.