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Aftermarket Seats

I know a ex Twizy owner on here installed smart / twingo seats - apparently just with a little bit of drilling.
I have seen the German bucket seat conversion…

I’m thinking the Renault seat will look “smart”…:persevere:

As below - the passenger seat will keep the seat belt in the same side. The Twingo belt has a sensor attached to it. So if I remove the Twizy seat - does this also have a sensor - and will it fit?! The pre tensioner and stuff is all in the top part of the seat belt…so the bucket is just a mounting point?

Safety is more important that comfort… so I dont want to cause any issues. If I use the original mounting it will be secure…just wondered how the sensors are dealt with when people do the change.

I am taking my Twizy seat out so I can prototype memory foam seat replacements. Should be a quick win on the comfort factor…

Tilting, sliding, heated…

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Cool. What car seats there are?

Smart fortwo seats if you want heated - or Twingo seats. Smart are a little more expensive (mercedes) but they are the same car built in the same factory. I dont know if the seat rails are the same. I will get some more information up when I’m installing properly. :+1:

once you take the seat runners off its very easy to fabricate up a frame for a new seat , plenty of room around the outside of the runners and nothing in the middle to foul the floor (battery pack).