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Air bubble on my roof!

I have the Twizy Technic which comes with the ‘carbon fibre’ wrap on the doors, roof and glove compartments. I noticed today that this wrap has developed a small air bubble on the roof, that looks like it could quite easily pop. I have no idea how this is even possible, but I will be getting in touch with Renault to correct it. It’s the sort of thing you see when you put a smartphone screen protector on but get some air trapped underneath it, except this is quite a bit bigger than that!

Anyone else on the forums have a technic at all?

Mine is,but think its ok.
Will take a look tomorrow.

i will be checking mine when it comes. will you let us know what they say?

ours seems fine, but will inspect tomorrow. If it was a small bubble, could you not just pop it with a pin, not ideal but would save time at Renault.

No problem with mine James, you must be unlucky

Mine’s got no bubble but a slightly faded patch-as if a rag of solvent has been left on it.