Airbag removal Modification

I had to fix a faulty LH switch Stalk.
To get the Stalk off you have to remove the Airbag and steering wheel (disconnect 12v battery first for 10 minutes!)
Airbag removal is done by pressing a T30 Torx Allen key into a hole at the bottom of the wheel at the rear.
It’s about a 6mm diameter hole.
It is really difficult to do, the first time I did it, it took an hour before I got it to release.
Struggled again yesterday to get the clip to release.
In the end I cut a bit of the plastic away to make it easier.
It is now a 25mm square hole that you can easily get in with a screwdriver or even a finger!
The mod cannot be seen normally unless you remove the steering wheel but it makes the Airbag removal a breeze


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Any Pictures of the mod?

Sorry I forgot to take a picture.
But is very easy to do especially if you have actually managed to remove the wheel.
Each side of the hole there are two ribs, I just cut upto those each side and then cut a square just past the existing hole.
The finished slot is approx. 20-25mm square


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Battery disconnected at least 10 minutes before starting this job… wheel torque is T50…