AJ the Twizy

I thought I’d start my own thread for my company’s new Twizy. Current commute is 10miles round trip to the factory and back. Rather than ruin our private cars which dont even get slightly warm by the time the journey’s over, decided this was a better solution.

I’ve brought a set of TwizyWindowsUK without the cutouts, and have a one button boot popper to install. Really dont need both doors to open as with two of us, we’ll just use the RHS door anyway.
I’ll do some sealing work and probably look to put in a snap/nacar vent on the windows too.

I’m interested in the new “POM” open source material. Being a cad designer, getting my mitts on a CAD data would be very interesting.

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looks nice in that scheme

I may wrap the white hoops for something a little more colourful in the future, but happy at the moment. And if anyone wants to swap a normal black seat for a white one, let me know, as im not keen on the white getting scuffed with one of us getting in the back all the time.

Is that a Mk1 Fiesta in the corner of that picture I see?

Good eye, it is indeed my little 1983 Popular plus. All ready to be stripped down and restored this year.
Me and the mrs like to hit all corners of the car spectrum, with a 1.7SDI super eco Lupo and a Audi b5 S4 Avant also in the household.

So door popper kit has arrived, windows are due in a few weeks, so i’ll make a start instaling it this weekend. Has anyone got any pics of getting into the doors?

Congrats on the purchase chap :slight_smile:

What are your plans regarding the popper?


Since the windows I’ve ordered will be fully sealed with no handle access, it’s just to pop the RHD door open. I mounted the popper motor yesterday, however the RF unit was DOA so will have to wait for the new one to arrrive.
Pretty nice to work on the Twizy, took the whole door off and worked on it inside.

So far I’ve got away with parking it in the motorcycle bay at work, but I was summoned on Friday to the security office, but today when i went to see the guys they seemed not too bothered considering it fits in the shelter fine and that it doesn’t have any windows so is undercover. I’ll keep directive 2002/24/EC for another day.

^ that’s awesome! Keeps the Twizy fairly dry too.

So AJ now has windows, thanks to TwizyWindowsUK. Not going to lie, they’re not going to be winning any RedDot awards but they’ll do the job until summer kicks in. Also finally wired up the single button keyfob for the RHS door. I’ll run it around this week to see if i’ll need a pair of snap vents for ventilation.

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Day one and the misses has already broken the door popper system. Obviously I hadn’t idiot proofed something.
Relay clicks over but actuator doesn’t pop, hoping a bit of wiring has come loose rather than an overload of something on the RF circuit board.

Windows work well for what i need them for, noise and wind levels are seriously reduced for the rear passenger. The lexan ‘booms’/vibrates a lot, I’ll probably add extra rubber seals around it to try and reduce this.

I can see why people feel the windows ruin the experience, I immediately noticed that not being able to stick your head out the car to reverse was annoying, and just generally being closed off feels weird.


Sadly the girlfriend received some anger today from someone in the smoking shed next to the motorcycling parking today. The muppet decided to directly walk over and angrily tell her “you do know this is a bike shed?”, why someone would feel the need to get angry over something so petty i have no idea.

On the flip side I had a drunk guy yesterday in town try to give me some banter over the door being up, laughing “look a Lamborghini” to his mate, only to stumble over have a proper look, get really interested, ask a load of questions about it and finally walk off exclaiming “that’s the future that” to his mate.

Swings and roundabouts this thing…

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That’s why a little kid called my Twizy with the door up , " a Twizyghini".

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Where have you ordered this kit??

Not quite a kit Gary but it’s basically a boot popper mechanism combined with a single button RF remote switch, both from ebay.
I’m no auto electrician (in fact it’s probably the bit about messing with cars I hate the most) so it’s not been reliable but equally I’ve not yet got around to working out why, could be the cheap Chinese switch being overloaded, could be that a wire keeps getting loose, could be the loom needs protective diodes putting somewhere. Times like these I wish I’d paid more attention at school. :frowning:

@benherron When you press the button on the remote does it open both doors at once or do you have seperate buttons for each door?

For cost/complication I just went with one door.
As with a passenger you nearly always get in on the RHS it’s not an
issue, windows will be off soon anyway with the weather improving.

It’s easy enough to get a two button RF remote, then wire the doors to pop on different buttons.