All season tires

I’ve ordered a Twizy, which should arrive late fall/early winter. I live in Bonn, Germany, where the winters aren’t awful but they also aren’t dry and snow/ice free. My dealer has explicitly informed me that the Twizy comes with summer tires only.

Being an American, all I’ve known is all-weather tires and I find the German (European?) system of changing your tires twice a year a little crazy, especially since where I come from has much harsher summers and winters than where I currently live.

That said, I’ve recently saw a German forum where a few people had tried out all season tires on the Twizy, using 145/70/13’s on the front (the 70 apparently fits under the mud flaps). Has anyone here gone this route and have any suggestions?

I’ve found the following online that could work, would like to just hear some more input if anyone has it…

4 winters including snow never needed anything but the original tyre type. Okay I have replaced them but like for like.i have a you tube vid of mine in the snow,
And on a hill .I pushed the limits and it was still controllable and I never got stuck.

I’m more concerned about slipping/sliding/curves and crashing. Especially because a colleague of mine slid on ice and crashed his car last winter with summer tires on… so his insurance company kindly declined to cover any costs. :flushed:

Okay one of the forum members has crashed in the snow. I found it better than other cars in the snow and have sat and watched ICE cars get stuck before driving round them up the hill.

Remember EVs are more controllable and handle the snow better.

In fact I sold my trail bike used for winter commute as I found the Twizy was good. I like in the peak district so plenty oif hills and snow.

I drove my Twizy in the snow with factory fitted tyres without any problem. As long as you take it easy you should be fine. I’ve not had any experience of changing the tyres though as I only had it two years. Sorry!