Alloy Wheels...?

Are they worth it? I’ve got a black/orange colour, with white snowflake tyres and wondered if (other than having a spare set of wheels) what you get with a set of matched alloys - anything? Is there a s/h market yet?


I replaced white snowflake wheels with these original red alloy wheels (the same red/orange of the interior line) and I think it is much better.


For regular kerbside parkers, when you can often grind the rims against the stone kerbs, the replaceable snowflake hubs more forgiving. But I admit I prefer the look of the alloys.

I replaced mine with alloys and am glad I did, they are a great improvement and often get commented on. I did match a few quotes from a couple of different dealers and one said that they come with tyres but when ordered no tyres arrived. Did anyone else get tyres with them?

Do you have to order the original renault alloys? Or has anyone found other options from elsewhere?

Not seen any others as yet.

A word of warning on the alloys though, the type of finish and lacquer on these are delicate and mine were blooming in a couple of places after six months.

Personally, I really do prefer steel wheels and trims for loads of reasons:

1/ In an accident, the steels tend to bend and release pressure slowly, rather than crack like the softer alloys do and release pressure instantly-hindering control of the vehicle. This is less relevant on a slow speed Twizy than a performance car
2/ Over time, alloys corrode-both inside and out-and once corroded on the inside they lose pressure leading to slow punctures. Corrosion can also be caused by using steel valves in an alloy wheel or the clumsy use of knock on balancing weights rather than stick ons
3/ Alloys are more likely to invite thieves to mess with the car, as such some fussy insurers load the premiums-you must advise if fitting alloys to a non-alloy model.
4/ Alloys are more delicate and can be wrecked in a pothole which a steel would not be damaged by
5/ An alloy refurb done well is approx £50-80, a wheel trim £10-30
6/ Steel wheels and trims are far more sturdy and shrug off the weather and damage for longer

I quite like the snowflake trims, but prefer the look of the alloys. I do prefer steel wheels and trims so would be more excited by some alternative wheel trims than alloys myself.
Anyone seen any funky wheel trim options out there?

I saw these at Goodwood and thought, hmmmmmm Twizy?

Can I have them in Blue please ? :smiley:

Although they do look like plastic after fit trims at first glance.

There could be a good reason for this. :smiley:

You do know there is an original alloy wheel for the Twizy, dont you? The one with the advertisement for atomic energy on it.

In the case you want another alloy you need these facts:
Twizy wheel is 13 inch high, 4 inch wide, ET/Offset 23. Bolt pattern 3x100, occasionally named 3x98. Centre bore is 60.1mm
Now you can compare.

If you can’t find a fitting wheel, and I think you can’t, you can place adapters to go from one bolt pattern to the other. Keep in mind that the ET changes too then.
In case you end up with a bigger wheel you also have to choose your tires accordingly. The circle around the rear tyre must be within 1,5% of the original one. That means calculating.

I did use REIFFENRECHNER a lot. OK it is in the beautiful German language, but numbers are numbers.

After this you will discover that the original fenders don’t fit anymore. And I am told driving without fenders is no fun at all. If you can find a place where they sell fenders which are an easy bolt on, don’t tell anybody. Tell me :sunglasses:

Keep us updated!

Thank you for your reply.
Yes i knew about original alloys,i keep them in mind.
I would prefer more stylish, but if nothing comes up then will probably go for original.
But! Hopefully there is something on market with the same measurements! Thank you very much for that.
If I’ll find something, i will update tread.

There is already a thread for this but here is a link for the genuine Twizy Alloys from Germany. Delivery was quick (1 week) and price good. Original tyres fit of course. All colours are available. See HERE

Hi, if these questions where asked please remove tread.
Im thinking to change stock wheel to alloys,but not sure which ones.
Tryed to look up on te web but not too many options…
Question -is twizy wheels same as smart fortwo three bolts?
Or is there more cars that uses same 3 bolt wheels?
Thought to find used ones.

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